Premji Kanji Masani: A Recognized Name Offering Quality Shipping & Custom Clearance Solutions

For a successful business, trading is essential and for a business to boom, one ought to consider trading internationally. However, while shipping your items around the world might present innumerable opportunities to expand your customer base exponentially, the logistic process involved in this is very complex, as is understanding the rules and regulations which you must adhere to when carrying out business on an international scale. Aiding to these challenges is Premji Kanji Masani Pvt. Ltd.(formally known as Premji Kanji Masani & Co.), a firm which was set up with the belief that large operations can be enabled and executed with high efficiency if focused was placed on the small and apparently insignificant tasks. It is with this belief, Premji Kanji Masani has built strong relationships with its clients over the years.

“Our Journey began with C&F operations at Veraval, Gujarat, in 1963 under Gujarat Maritime Board(GMB). The pioneers of the company were quick enough to realize the crucial role of C&F agents in industries that were time-dependent and had a significant impact largely on the development of foreign trade. We understood our role very well and realized that we enable the importers and exporters to drive their value chain by facilitating various Port Services, Agency Work Customs Clearance and others, using our strong local knowledge, experience and goodwill. We have continuously strived to give our best to the customers, and this is why, today, we are one of the leading Licensed Custom House Agent/Broker and Freight Forwarder in the country,” says Tarun Masani, Director, Premji Kanji Masani.

With head offices at Veraval and branches located at Ahmedabad, Pipavav and other major ports of Gujarat, Premji Kanji Masani is committed to Quality Shipping, Customs Clearance Solutions, Deploying, Shipping Services such as Freight Forwarding, Licensed Custom House Agent, Clearing, Forwarding, Shipping Transport of Goods and more across the entire consignment lifecycle of each of its customers both in India and abroad, who operate under dynamic and
highly competitive business scenarios. “We have two types of Customers first, Freight Forwarders/Agents and secondly, Exporters and Importers. For the first category we offer only custom clearance on behalf of our agents for their exporters and importers, while in the second case we do provide customs Clearance services along with required services such as freight forwarding and Exim consultancy as per the clients' requirements,” mentions Tarun. Premji Kanji Masani is backed by a skilled team of consultants for Exim Consultancy and International Trade Consultancy who are specialized in Export and Import of Customs Clearances Service of any commodities along with Air, Sea and Land Freight Forwarding.
Tarun Masani, CEO
Recognized as ‘Top performer among the Export Clearance of reefer containers from APL Terminal Pipavav Port’ in 2016, Ranked 17th in CONCOR - Ahmedabad for Export and Import Volume in 2017 and 7th in CONCOR Ahmedabad and Started operation at Kanpur and Chennai ICD in 2018, Premji Kanji Masani always believes in transparency and best in class service through competitive pricing along with Hard Work, Innovative Business Idea, Right Manpower, Commitment, Range of Services, Confidentiality of Customers Data and Information, and Quick Escalation through management.

Being an innovative company, for future Premji Kanji Masani is under process to launch a digital customs clearance platform which will be a first in this industry

Being an innovative company, for future Premji Kanji Masani is under process to launch a digital customs clearance platform which will be a first in this industry. “The aim of the online system is to expedite customs clearance and remove delays which are costly both in terms of time as well as money. This new one-stop solution allows us to timely and efficiently handle export and import clearance for our customers. The solution provides downstream benefits of full governance and compliance. It will also reduce the number of intermediaries customers deal with for customs clearance to a single party,” concludes Tarun Masani.