8corners: Unique & Deep Designs for Aesthetically Appealing Interiors

Each one of the diverse cultures in India has its own aesthetically alluring style, speaking volumes about the richness of Indian cultural heritage; for instance, the world-renowned Rajasthani designs embody royal touch through miniature paintings, low seating mirrors, and handicrafts. Moving miles away to Europe, Gothic Victorian design exudes magnificence with rich and dark colors, heavy oak furniture, stenciled designs and heraldic symbols. Traditional or French Country? Gothic or Rustic? 8corners, has mastered the art of bringing alive the splendor of Indian design as well as foreign ones.

Proffering comprehensive interior design solutions in commercial & residential interiors, this Bangalore-based full service young and dynamic company is highly capable of and goes the extra mile to catering to its clients based on their needs. “As today’s well-travelled people have knowledge of diverse designs across the globe, there must be a certain depth in the designs to amaze them, which sprouts solely from uniqueness,” posits Manish Kumar, Founder, 8Corners. However, the company strongly believes that an organization’s success lies in building & maintaining one-to-one relationship with its clients.

Envisaging Dreams, Designing Lives
For a place like Bangalore with a populace from all over, astonishing clients demand an intrinsic & in-depth expertise in different kind of designs based on their very specific needs and that is exactly what 8Corners specializes in.
Manish Kumar,Founder

Proffering comprehensive interior design solutions in commercial & residential interiors, 8Corners is highly capable of and goes the extra mile to catering to its clients based on their needs

Be it fulfilling their must have list, flexibly working around their existing furniture to match the décor or completing the project in lightening speed with modular works for clients who are in a hurry, 8corners has never failed in surpassing client’s expectations.Capturing every line of detail, the company emphasizes on the colors & materials (sourced after stringent quality checks from worldwide to ensure elegancy & first-class quality) used and space management to ensure continuity in the design.

8Corners breaks the monotony of interiors by introducing a unique tactic in material and color selection post the pre-visualization of the theme with the vision that every time one walks into their house, they should feel the freshness.
The firm involves itself from the design phase to the end execution covering the entire process incorporating woodwork, flooring, civil works (like extending a wall), lighting (including shifting lighting points with electricians), soft furnishing, curtains, and so forth, procuring the tag of a turnkey company which gives it more liberty to have control over the design. The idea behind the end-to-end work is completely alleviating client’s burden so that they can walk-in to their new apartment with just the baggage, while the company shoulders the entire responsibility.

A team of dedicated professional designers and decorators along with well-trained fabricators and executors are the backbone of the company who with their sweat, blood, and tears executes the designs into reality. Updating oneself in the industry is a prerequisite and 8Corners ascertain this through a lot of new hardware and training programs as well as by conducting a post-mortem of design after the completion of each project to improvise its future endeavors. Proving its mettle by accomplishing residential & commercial projects (Ajmal Group, Prestige Mayberry, Enzyme Solutions and others for hospitality segment) with unique designs on a given budget, has endowed the company clients from Mumbai &Delhi as well. Experiencing a steady growth of eight percent annually, 8Corners aims at further expanding itself to do more high-end projects and stepping into the construction space.