Abode Biotec India: A Reliable Biotech Firm for Better Health & Nutrition of the Society

Sreenadh Madapati,Director- Business Development

Sreenadh Madapati

Director- Business Development

Probiotic bacteria have grown in popularity over the last two decades as a result of mounting scientific data demonstrating their positive impacts on human health. The list of health benefits mediated by probiotics is not limited to be one mentioned and includes a range of promising effects. There is scientific evidence supporting the incorporation of probiotics in nutrition as a means of the derivation of health benefits. As a result, it has been used in a variety of products within the industry, where it has been studied and promoted extensively. Significantly one of the established biotechnology companies with manufacturing experience of more than 10 years developing naturally fermented probiotic products for various health and industrial sectors is Abode Biotec.

Abode Biotec India is a Hyderabad-based firm that was established in 2018 with its key strength embedded in its cutting edge research and development capabilities. Abode Biotec successfully delivers probiotics with tangible benefits to its customers. While incorporating probiotics, the firm meets all the challenges ensuring that the best product with high performance and quality
characteristics, as well as all other variables, is delivered in accordance with the clients' needs. Abode Biotec offers a comprehensive array of animal and human health care products that leverage science and modern technology to foster a better environment. The product that the company produces is highly challenging and requires advanced technology and expertise, which is the very reason that the firm is strongly positioned as one of the top ten manufacturers of probiotics in India. Abode Biotec is currently producing Bacillus Coagulans and other Bacillus probiotic products for use in different industrial applications like human health, animal health and other related disciplines.

Abode Biotec successfully delivers probiotics with tangible benefits to its customers

Abode Biotec can respond rapidly to local market needs and is ideally positioned to assist it's customers in continuously increasing their business productivity and sustaining long term success by having an on-the ground presence. "Several elements come into play to provide quality control throughout the entire production process, ranging from documentation, quality raw material checks to final product approval, wherein the requirement varies as per the customers. Our Quality Check lab and the whole production process can meet the end-to-end requirements of the clients which give us an edge over the others in the market”, emphasizes Sreenadh Madapati, Director, Business Development, Abode Biotec.

Since its inception in 2008, Abode Biotec has developed exponentially and created a name for itself in the market. Currently, the firm is equipped with one unit with a manufacturing capacity of 100 kiloliters of fermentation. And as it forges ahead, the firm is looking to expand up to 200 kl fermentation by next year as well as diversify its food product using the current fermentation technology. "As of now, we are one of the largest and most dependable producers, offering the best quality product to our customers. And down the line in the realm of probiotics, we want to be a single point of contact for consumers' end-to-end needs”, concludes Sreenadh Madapati.