Adams: Sketching Designs for Application-specific needs

Nelson, Founder



The design and manufacture of machines is the infusion of imagination, scientific principles and engineering approach that caters to the requirements of the customer. As an initial step that is involved before the manufacturing of the machine, the design part layouts the appearance, limits and fits, material requirements, and other series of procedures. The task of a machine design and manufacturing company has never been a cake walk for the steps and factors that need to be considered, which may not always compatible with the newfangled technology. In the present age, the procedures and measures followed in the conventional design techniques have drastically transformed with new tools and software. Having a track record of more than 18 years in the sphere of design and development of special machines, automatic manufacturing of units/cells, and material handling systems, Adams (ADAVANCED DESIGN and ANALYSIS of ME CHANICAL SYSTEMS) contribute application specific solutions from the concept development to implementation. The company headquartered in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu focuses on the design, manufacturing, and commissioning of purpose build machines which are known for the quality.

Adams'Design services include automation systems like automated workstation,
automated welding cell, automated fixture for welding & matching, automated assembly units, special spraying robot integrated welding cell, and machine tending unit for CNC machines. The medium of actuation used are Hydraulic, Pneumatics and Electromechanical units like gear motors, stepper motors, servo motors etc., controlled by PLC or SCADA or Industrial PC.

Adams' services on special machines include special hydraulic press and fixtures, pneumatic systems pick & place gantry systems, linear indexing units, rotary index units, and Cartesian robotic systems for pneumatic

An Array of Services on Special Machine and Automation
Adams employs prime manufacturing methods in machining components and commercial off-the-shelf products from reputed international brands to manifest the production of exquisite machines of quality. The company bring to bear electro mechanical based machines, pneumatic based machines, hydraulic based machines, PLC based machines, CNC based machines, SCADA integrated systems, and robot integrated systems on which the machines and systems works. Electro mechanical systems are ubiquitous in almost every moving device as electric motors, solenoids, and mechatronics. Adams' services on special ma-chines include special hydraulic press and fixtures, pneumatic systems, pick & place gantry systems, linear indexing units rotary index units, and Cartesian robotic systems for pneumatic. The company delivers automation services for a set of applications that include Single axis positioning systems, X, Y Table Servo Motor based systems, Multi Axis position systems, Servo Motor based systems, PLC Based Automation, CNC Based Automation, HMI and SCADA interfaced machines/systems/projects, Manipulators, Automatic Fixtures for Machine tool, and welding applications. Tasks related to controlling machinery on factory assembly lines or light fixtures are powered using a Programmable Logic Controller or PLC that enables automation of regular industrial electro mechanical processes.

Adams utilizes the resources and manufacturing line to supply clients with constructive products according to the needs and requirements outlined. Moreover, the company provides them peace of mind with consistent end quality product over a long time.