Advent Envirocare Technology: Waste Water Treatment Plants that Score Big on UNSDGs

Soham Mehta,Founder & Managing Director

Soham Mehta

Founder & Managing Director

With the unprecedented climatic change and scientists issuing a stern warning of acute water scarcity in the coming years, efficient water treatment is becoming one of the primary concerns worldwide. According to NITI Aayog, India's wastewater treatment plants market stood at $2.4 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $4.3 billion by 2025. This can be majorly attributed to increasing demand for municipal water as well as sewage water treatment plants across the country. Therefore, collection, treatment, and reuse of municipal, household & industrial wastewater are of prime importance in the current scenario.

Offering its customers latest technologies and proven processes that are meticulously integrated as a full plant is Advent Envirocare Technology (AET). Advent was started in 1996 with a large Common Effluent Treatment Plant at Vatva in Ahmedabad helped by professionals from US. Their prior hands-on knowledge of the industrial wastewater treatment and experience of working with clients like GE, Exxon, Eastman Kodak, and US Steel enabled Advent to bring global state of the art technology and processes to the Indian market.

“The partnership with Advent Group US helped us to cultivate immense engineering skills and depth which are not so prevalent in the challenging industrial effluent treatment domain, thus leading to a culture where their
design and engineering are world class, and at the same time, capital and operating costs are carefully looked at considering the Indian market", explains Soham Mehta, the Founder & MD.

Portfolio of Offering
AET offers a wide range of water treatment services that include effluent treatment plants, common effluent treatment plants, and effluent recycling systems, to name few. The company’s effluent recycling service not only ensures effluent treatment but also goes the extra mile to minimize water wastage by recovering maximum water through membrane systems. Handling the leftover of this process is big expense due to its highly concentrated nature. That’s not the case with AET! It reduces the quantity of reject brine and significantly reduces the lifecycle cost of the project. Also, the company’s flagship offerings effluent recycling and zero liquid discharge plants satisfy the targets under Clean Water & Sanitation (Goal 6) and Responsible Consumption & Production (Goal 12).

“We design and engineer our projects by careful understanding of the client’s needs. We select the best combination of processes considering reliability & costs and then take up turn key execution including engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning with single point responsibility. Our insight of treatment technologies, sound engineering of our projects and sincerity of deliveries sets us apart,” remarks Soham.

Owing to such profound industry knowledge, AET has a fine track record of serving businesses across diverse industries. The major names in their clientele include Cadila, Asian Paints Unimark Remedies, Privi, Colour tex, Bodal, and Tata Steel, to name a few. A few prominent milestones achieved by the company are doing India’s largest Common Effluent Treatment Plant (100 MLD), India’s largest greenfield ZLD-based CETP (12.3 MLD), India’s largest greenfield ZLD for individual industry (16 MLD), first ever CETP for Spent Acid, and extremely challenging Cyanide & Nitrogen Removal ETPs. A large 60 MLD sewage treatment and reuse project on PPP basis is also under progress by AET.

Future Roadmap
Being an AA Class Contractor, registered with DSIR as R&D Institution and ISO 9001 certified since 2010, AET no doubt is on its path to glory. However explaining the future plans, Soham says, “Almost entire portfolio of the projects we have done in the last 25 years has been on goodwill and word of mouth. We intend to partner with companies that share similar values as ours to get better visibility and reach, whether domestically or internationally. We wish to capitalize on our expertise, experience and qualification to conquer new boundaries and elevations”.