Antrix Construction: A Leading Private Firm Providing Cutting-edge Solutions in Construction Discipline

Nishant Bafna,  Managing Director

Nishant Bafna

Managing Director

India exhibits a stupendous marketplace for construction enterprises with adequate management and a proper equation of labor force. This industry has enjoyed steady growth in the past few years, but the pandemic situation has commutated the scenario altogether. (doesn’t make any sense I guess you need to put something in simple terms as what is intended) Among them is the construction industry branch; this industry has undergone numerous transformations to set its standards in the global market. In line with the advancements, a Mumbai-based private firm named Antrix Construction division of Antrix Financial Engineers Pvt. Ltd. proves its presence in the market with its result-oriented solutions for the challenging situations faced by their clients.

Antrix construction has established in 2003 with the sole vision to provide high quality, reliable waterproofing and structural retrofitting services for the construction industry. The services that this company offers range from all kinds of waterproofing in the classic system to modern-day Poly urea-based systems, they provide high-end epoxy and PU flooring systems and provide structural retrofitting to structures that age back to 500 years old structures to carbon wrapping and installing Carbon laminates on modern structures. They are called for restoring and making waterproof structures
right from heritage buildings to modern-day buildings and under construction buildings to accommodate or design changes and for the addition of new floors.

This company provides cumulative assistance in construction that incorporates renovation, Repair & Restoration, chemicals assistance, waterproofing & coating, and many other services. All the chemicals are procured from putative manufacturers in the country and are authorized applicators for most of the Manufacturers Speaking more on this, company Founder Nishant Bafna decodes the idea behind this company, “Antrix construction created milestones in this industry by introducing scientific methods in operation. This practice was widely accepted and supported by many other players in this industry. This practice being the focal point, paved numerous ways to get advanced in this sector. At present condition, the majority of construction companies practice this method to execute projects, which is both scientific and highly effective”.

Equipped with advanced and high-quality testing instruments, our team of expert scientists works diligently towards delivering accurate, reliable and consistent test results on time

The Feedback Effect
Antrix Construction strongly accepts the fact that feedback is the only way to renovate the company’s approach. Shaping the execution by honest feedback is what makes this firm result oriented. This policy has been ensuring the maintenance of the firm’s integrity and dignity in the global standards. Due to this sole reason, this firm has achieved strong market credibility in the county and this unique factor makes customers gravitate towards Antrix Construction over other players in the market.

This company has encountered a steady growth rate in terms of its performance and involvement in the market. Antrix construction facilitates technological advancement and imbibes those new actions into its performance to support technology orientation as it believes more advanced leads to the most effective results. With the cumulative experience of more than 15 years in the same discipline along with a team of well-educated and highly focused this firm looking forward to expanding its wings furthermore that reach every corner of the country. The commitment and determined result that the company comes up with has attracted many highprofile clients across the country.