Applebox.Media: Caters digital Video content to Corporate Businesses for Marketing

Arun Antony ,Founder & Director

Arun Antony

Founder & Director

Video marketing trends and opportunities are rapidly increasing these days and B2B videos have become the best marketing tool. Applebox.Media has a team of creative members in relentless pursuit of creating magic in the video production space. Headquartered in Kochi Applebox is specialized in live action films, 2D animations and motion graphics for various mediums such as TV, web, social media live projections virtual reality and more. Also Applebox has worked with clients from various industries ranging from corporate companies, government organizations, banks branding agencies to web content producers and television.

“Applebox.Media is a company that produces digital video content for corporates for their marketing and video documentation purposes .What makes us stand out will be our moderate charges and the value for money we provide for our clients. I’m very particular about the client servicing and timely submission of projects”, says Arun Antony, Founder & Director, Applebox.Media. He further explains “I found marketing videos
was not accessible to a lot of enterprises because of the huge costing. Since inception,we have made videos cost friendly thereby creating more engaging contents to help small, medium and large enterprises to grow their businesses. By growing yourself and helping other establishments to grow, I've found that it has created direct and indirect employment”. Applebox is among the few companies which maintain technicians inhouse. This also accounts for the reason why Applebox is able to deliver projects costeffectively and in time. Besides this, the company also provides premium niche videos for large enterprises as well.

Applebox.Media aims to make sure every business gets the very best of video content for marketing purposes

Services Offered in Video Production Space
Applebox produces all type of B2B videos. It could be a 30 seconds explainer video to a 5 minute corporate film, Applebox.Media has pioneered digital video content production. ADM animation studios is an exclusive division of the company which produces only animated videos.

With advancing technology and increasing viewership for videos, it requires the company to keep up to date to meet the demands of the clients. Applebox. Media is one among the few companies in south India which only produces corporate videos by maintaining in house technicians.

Established in 2016, the company has created 100 plus videos till date. Applebox has produced corporate video for Kerala's reputed builder Skyline builders and has later been associated with lots of other corporate companies in Kerala and Middle East. Moreover, the company is planning to have an independent web channel where it will feature speakers, business topics and discussions, on the developments in businesses(national and international both). Looking forward in the future, the company intends to experiment with virtual reality videos and interactive videos as a tool for marketing. Applebox.Media aims to make sure every business gets the very best of video content for marketing purposes.