Aquaseal: Seal The Leak With Guaranteed Solutions Provided By Aquaseal

Nakhul Jagannath & Manish Prakash Bhavnani,   FoundersCurrently, in South India, the number of companies that offer quality waterproofing services is limited. Builders and contractors in the South Indian states have very few options when it comes to quality waterproofing solutions, many that are below-the par. The shortage of qualitative water-proofers, as well as waterproofing solutions in Karnataka and the other South Indian states is keenly felt by many builders, contractors and homeowners. Aquaseal is a waterproofing solutions provider in Bengaluru that aims to bridge this gap. Aquaseal brings to Bengaluru a service that guarantees to seal any leak that may occur within the building structure.

Aquaseal is a company that specializes in application of waterproofing on building structures. The first of its kind in India, Aquaseal is known to employ the best of application practices in waterproofing. The difference is the quality of application. Aquaseal uses refined application processes and innovation in application practices through various problems solving methods, making them an easy organisation to partner with.

Waterproofing solutions are ideally used while building basements, bathrooms, water tanks, terraces, swimming pools, and other areas where there is a need to ensure that water does not seep through. The Aquaseal material used for waterproofing is not only
ideal for residential projects, but industrial projects as well. “We provide the most effective and qualitative waterproofing services for terraces, basements, wet areas, water retaining bodies and others, catering to all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial buildings”, says Nakhul Jagannath, Co-Founder of Aquaseal.

Aquaseal offers solutions based on a number of factors such as the type of area to be treated, size of the work to be carried-out, usage of the area and other factors. The waterproofing services offered by Aquaseal are designed to be flexible in order to accommodate the requirements of each client.

The waterproofing services offered by Aquaseal are designed to be flexible in order to accommodate the requirements of each client

The use of below-grade waterproofing systems, which are available at hand, results in the ineffectiveness of the solution. Waterproofing stops the water from penetrating into the structure through the surfaces. Various waterproofing methods may be used, including the application of a membrane, addition of the product to concrete, applying a coating of the waterproofing solution by roller or spraying and many others. Many companies only apply the membrane, which not only provides a short-term solution, but the capacity of the membrane to seal the water is reduced, and the product tends to crack when exposed to extreme heat. “We promise clients the use of not only qualitative waterproofing materials, but a service also backed by professional and an effective staff”, adds Nakhul.

The Stepping Stones to Aquaseal
Nakhul and Manish Prakash Bhavnani, the founders of Aquaseal, both residents of Bangalore, noticed a lack in the South Indian market for effective waterproofing solutions. Working in the real estate sector, Nakhul saw a gap in the industry when he noticed the lack of attention given to waterproofing work by builders. Manish, a student of mechanical engineering, following a personal experience with water leakage in a house, subsequently altered his perspective and approach to the area.

This led to the inception of Aquaseal, a company that aims to bring the best and most effective waterproofing solutions to the South Indian market. Nakhul and Manish are attempting to make Bangalore a hub in South India for waterproofing solutions. “We hope to continually offer a qualitative, dedicated, eco-friendly and flexible solution for the protection of walls from water leakage and its damaging effects”, concludes Manish.