Atlantis Engineers: Proffering the Best Quality Sustainable Waterproofing Solutions at Affordable Price

Anuj Hamilton & Rahul Kothari,Co-Founders
Anuj Hamilton& Rahul Kothari
Waterproofing is a key component of construction industry. In the present time, there are frequent complaints about the failure of waterproofing system due to poor quality material and workmanship. Mostly, the waterproofing treatment comes with job guarantee given by the applicators but very few turn back when problems occur whereas after post service is very expensive and time consuming. As a consequence, clients have to wait longer in order to get their problem resolved, which often make the building condition worst. Thus, there is a grave need of a well-experienced, trust-worthy applicator who is deftly versed with products & systems and can provide affordable after service in less TAT.

Presenting itself as an innovative enterprise in water proofing, Nagpur-based Atlantis Engineers is endeavoring to devise and deliver best quality & cost-effective sustainable solutions in minimum time coupled with ongoing innovation. To illustrate, the company is proud to associate with best construction companies for Nagpur Metro project, Mahindra LifeSpaces, Symbiosys, DPS
(Nagpur)and many more and assisting them in selecting right materials, quality check and successfully finishing the task on time as discussed during the planning stage. “We strongly feel that by giving the required service at right & affordable price and getting the problem solved, help us to build long-lasting relationship with customers and enhance our clientele base through their recommendation and word-of-mouth marketing,” professes Anuj Hamilton, Co-Founders, Atlantis Engineers.
"To combat challenges akin to lack of quality in water proofing, Atlantis Engineers deploys several check points throughout the treatment "

The firm grants solutions to entire range of concrete structures starting from residential buildings and industrial units to commercials towers including their basements, terraces and toilet blocks, podiums, terrace gardens, water retaining structures and reservoirs. Over the period of time, Atlantis Engineers has gained expertise in repairs of structure involving epoxy and polyurethane based treatments. For efficient performance, the company not only deploys technical approaches and advanced equipments & gadgets but also identifies the source of leakage and rectifies them without generating any further breakage to the structure. “From servicing to latest projects, our capability to self-perform in a wide range of disciplines guarantees special attention and is compensated to even the tiniest information, guaranteeing a sleek conversion from beginning to
finished development,”avers Rahul Kothari, Co-Founders, Atlantis Engineers.

Breaking Barriers
To combat challenges akin to lack of quality in water proofing, Atlantis Engineers deploys several check points throughout the treatment wherein these check points are carefully examined by a trained staff to avoid any kind of rework. The company considers workforce as its greatest asset and continuously upgrades them with recent industry trends & technologies to deliver effective & efficient solutions through expert methodologies. By following ethical standards & moral principles, the venture develops trust among customers, sub-contractors, suppliers and other co-workers.

Under the guidance of Anuj & Rahul, today, Atlantis Engineers has developed a brand name as one of the prime civil constructions& waterproofing& structural repair companies that addresses all needs of architects, consultants, contractors, builders, developers and central & state government based agencies across India. Dedicated towards analyzing new products & techniques, the firm envisions being on top of improving technological innovation, development within the sector and modifying needs of consumers. “We are a young organization with young, enthusiastic team of professionals & leaders, who are the constant motivation behind our success and with their consistent efforts, we will continue to grow as a company in the industry,” concludes the duo.