Atticarch: Ensuring Alluring Interiors with End-to-End Solutions

Priyanka Bhargava, Principal Partner & Marketing & Administrative Head,Kamlesh Kumar Bhargava, Principal Partner & Head Architect

Priyanka Bhargava, Principal Partner & Marketing & Administrative Head

Kamlesh Kumar Bhargava, Principal Partner & Head Architect

Interior design of a residential building shines a spotlight on the personality, identity, and culture of its residents, which completely differs from person to person. For instance, a young adolescent’s aspiration for an arcade game-themed fun house will be poles apart from a gentleman’s choice of English-styled luxury home. Thus, a complete understanding of the clients’ requirements by studying various facets such as his lifestyle, job, passions and at times even his clothes and social media platforms are prerequisites of a competent designer. The Bangalore-based Atticarch personifies this very fact with a history of never using the same design twice in its projects. Debuted in 2002 by Kamlesh Kumar Bhargava and Priyanka Bhargava, Atticarch is a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm rendering interior designing, architectural, and
project management services to domestic and corporate clients. “With a firm belief in Quality, Timeliness, and Budget, we lay emphasis on creating aesthetically pleasing and functionally reliable spaces,” enlightens Priyanka, Principal Partner & Marketing & Administrative Head.

Dreamy Interiors Personified
While most designers in the market work within a small circle of their standard templates of modular kitchen or wardrobe in full fledge, Atticarch draws a line of difference by catering to the clients by considering each and every corner of space it is allocated and there by conceptualizing and customizing everything from the scratch according to client’s taste. Adorned as a turnkey company, it rules out all the hassles involved in strolling from vendor to vendor in need of workers, thanks to its in-house team of carpenters, plumbers, and electricians proffering end-to-end solution from ideating & designing to executing. The company is more than happy to lend its clients a couple of extra days to contemplate on the designs before it starts with the work to avoid future changes; thus ensuring timely delivery. This is the secret mantra behind its successful completion of 120 hot projects in the last four years.

The experienced team of Atticarch provides free consultation in various verticals such as architecture, interior designing, and project
management and renders its services to residential (villas and apartments), commercial (office spaces), rental sectors, and also welcomes renovation projects. A one-stop-shop for all design needs, the company learns client’s vision and proposes a detailed design and preliminary estimate. And once the client registers with the company paying a onetime fee, the first cut of the design is shared and fortunately till date Atticarch has succeeded in all its endeavors with the first design itself getting passed by the client. The execution is a joyful journey for both the company and the client where the first carves the reverie to reality for the latter and in this gradual process of four months, the clients are involved from day one itself enabling them to experience their dream home taking shape in front of them.

Following a friendly culture, the company owns a big family comprised of 300+ people including architects, designers, carpenters, electricians, and plumbers. A stellar revenue growth of 35-40 percent propelled its position from doing three projects in a month to completing eight projects in the same time. “We are in the process of setting up our own factory to speed up the execution of our customized designs. It will help us cater to client’s aspirations in a much shorter span of time, thereby increasing the revenue growth for the company,” concludes Kamlesh, Principal Partner & Head Architect.