Akshar Electrotech Systems: Safeguarding Electrical Appliances from Crucial Voltage Fluctuations with Cutting-Edge Voltage Regulators

Saurin Modi, CEOTo achieve fruitful results, a purchase journey needs to go through a series of thought processes instead of taking buying decisions in a heartbeat. Particularly, when it comes to electronic products, it’s imperative to buy a voltage regulator that will suit our requirements & applications. A wrong voltage regulator can affect our equipments and can even lead to electrical fire or give an electrical shock to us. Understanding this, Akshar Electrotech Systems (AES), staying up to its tagline ‘AES makes it easy to maintain your system life’, puts itself in buyer’s seat and facilitates its customers in selecting appropriate voltage regulator as per their requirement, applications and site condition. It provides a wide range of automatic voltage regulators that comes with unique features, consistent stability & output accuracy to suit wide applications, which ensures trouble-free system operations and better system life.

Leveraging Technology
Providing a total solution to problems related to single & three
phase, isolated output and phase reversal among others, AES’variety of voltage regulators include single in single out, three in three out, step down output and many more. “We also offer three in single out voltage stabilizers for specific application needs with ultra-isolation and output regulation as per customer need,” adds Saurin Modi, CEO, AES. All these products come with a warranty of 12-36 months. The company also offers turnkey solutions for problems related to power for voltage control (AVR), power backup (UPS), surge/spike protection and neutral earth leakage protection (Isolation Transformer/CVT).

"With its own manufacturing factory equipped with cutting-edge facilities for production, quality and R&D, AES designs a wide range of high quality & user-friendly voltage regulators"

With its own manufacturing factory equipped with cutting-edge facilities for production, quality and R&D, AES designs a wide range of high quality & user-friendly voltage regulators. Besides verifying raw materials at various checkpoints, AES also refrains from buying pre-assembled variacs from market, rather it predesigns them as per pattern of fittings with any rating to make it convenient for any technical person to address upcoming problems. Moreover, its microcontroller based single card design for all the controls & protections with user-friendly LCD screen makes them speedy & convenient. “The mechanical
alignment of motor and variac is done by us, ensuring the quality, as it’s the heart of any voltage regulator,” says Saurin. Furthermore, this ISO 9001:2015 & CE certified company also adheres to IS 9815.1.1994 specifications.

Not Just a Voltage Regulator Provider
Fostering long-term relationship with its customers, the company provides commendable after-sale service with 24x7 customer support, wherein its experienced engineers not only address the clients’ concerns related to products but also any power related problems via telephone, as well as physically. It’s these exemplary services that thrust AES clients to repeatedly buy its products and recommend it to their circle. 'AES' also maintains a healthy rapport with its suppliers & employees who are its strength.

Being in this field since 1996, ‘AES’ possesses marvellous experience in manufacturing of voltage regulators for CNC machines, Medical Laboratory Instruments, Textile Machines, Injection Moulding Machines, PLC based Machines, Air Conditioners & high-speed printing machines and serves, predominantly to Gujarat, Maharashtra & Rajasthan. Leveraging this legacy, the company has been consistently experiencing an upsurge in terms of kva rating, as well as the number of units manufactured (capacity) and aspires to reach greater heights.