Bambrew: Leveraging the Power of Bamboo to Create a Sustainable Future

Vaibhav Anant,FounderNow is the right time to bid goodbye to single-use plastics if you haven't yet! The awful truth is that plastics are not just piling-up on our lands but also across diverse oceans, lakes and rivers, thereby harming the diverse animal life. Comprehending these appalling scenarios, Vaibhav Anant (Founder) laid the foundation for Bambrew with a sole motive of eradicating single-use plastics through a range of naturally biodegradable products. Today, Bengaluru-based Bambrew manufactures ecommerce packaging solutions, drinking straws, food containers, disposable plates, spoons, forks, bowls, cups, glasses and other packaging materials by leveraging the power of Bamboo.

Production Process
Vaibhav asserts, "Our products are 100 percent plastic-free and biodegradable in natural conditions since they are made from natural resources such as bamboo, and other sustainable resources." These products are biodegradable, home compostable and the perfect substitute for plastic. Behind these innovative products goes a stringent and hygienic manufacturing process that involves absolutely no chemicals or pesticides. Firstly, bamboo papers are prepared from bamboo pulp and then each paper is coated with 100 percent biodegradable polymer which contains 0% Plastic and is proprietary to Bambrew. Then, these papers are shaped into different moulds as per the
product's requirements. Bambrew has six manufacturing units wherein one of them solely produces raw materials. This dedicated unit has a production capacity of around 200 tons per day while a million pieces of the final product are produced in each category every month.

With regards to quality, all of Bambrew's products adhere to the standards of the US FDA, LFGB, CIPET, and other international bodies, right from the point of sourcing till development. Yet, the biggest challenge faced by the company is that most of the Indian customers find its products quite expensive while Middle East, US, Canadian and Australian markets have been greatly accepting them. With the growing awareness about sustainability, even Indian customers are trying to understand the need for eco-friendly products and thus, deploying Bambrew's products effectively. Zomato is one of its premium clients that is slowly deploying Bambrew's products for its food packaging needs. This way, Zomato's end customers relish hygienic and safely packaged food with no carcinogenic effects on their health.

Bambrew takes pride in being selected among the Top 10 Global Companies among 194 participating countries at MISK Global an event organized under the reign of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia ­ Mohammed bin Salman at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Inspiration
The business idea for Bambrew sparked in Vaibhav when he saw the video of a turtle struggling in pain and bleeding with straws stuck in its nostril. Being an animal lover, he read various reports about this incident and many others regarding the ongoing plastic pollution across water bodies and land. Unlike many people who just crib about these problems, Vaibhav along with Akash Kansal (Co-Founder, Operations) and Naman Srivastava (Head ­ Product) decided to quit their jobs and resolve those problems through Bambrew. Vaibhav adds, "None of us had prior experiences in this field. With little insights about Material Sciences, Naman and I took a leap of faith and plunged into this business."

Among its multiple milestones, Bambrew takes pride in being selected among the Top 10 Global Companies in an event organized under the reign of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia ­ Mohammed bin Salman. Having grown its presence from India to five countries across the globe, the company aims to develop more product ranges under the packaging realm in the years ahead. It also envisions being recognized as a green tech consumer brand as well as the go-to brand for sustainable products among the global audience.