Bhavani Koffee: Edging up A New Coffee Culture

N R Vinayanand,Chief Proprietor & Owner

N R Vinayanand

Chief Proprietor & Owner

The chronicles of Indian coffee began on a humble journey, when the saint ‘Baba BudanGiris’ planted ‘Seven seeds of Mocha’ in the courtyard of his hermitage in Karnataka during 1600 AD. The culture of planting coffee seeds soon spread around creating a trend, with its production dominating amidst the hill tracts of the southern Indian states in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, India soon came to be known for its coffee. On the contrary, its people had long embraced the trends of ‘chai’, until recent times where the taste for coffee has been churning a rising desire amongst coffee lovers across the country. Edging up to this growing drift and contributing to stir up coffee palates, Bhavani Koffee incepted in 1965 in the district of Chickbalapur as a manufacturer and supplier of a wide collection of coffee and tea products.

Having journeyed a long way since its inception, Bhavani Koffee had occupied a niche position in the industry and began to achieve newer prospects under the headship of Vinayanand (Chief Proprietor & Owner), who took over the company from his father Sri.Ramanand N in 2003.
Expanding trades, and broadening its list of products, ranging from diverse types of coffee & tea along with assorted provisions like coffee makers and premixes, Bhavani Koffee transformed rudimentary coffee production trends adding in exciting elements and flavors with a keen interest in retaining a natural essence of the products to preserve a unique and pure taste. Gaining its raw produce (Coffee Beans) from the coffee natives in Chickmagalur, Bababudangiri, Coorg and its tea leaves from the luscious estates in Assam, the company surpasses standard norms additionally importing machinery from Germany to roast and grind coffee beans for perfect blends of quintessential flavors-cum-aromas to proffer nothing less than 100 percent purity in a cup. Right from roasted and ground Ebony Koffee, Nuggets, Gold Beans, Instant and three-in-one tea /coffee sachets (milk/tea/sugar) to flavored, green, black and white tea, Bhavani Koffee ensures distinct quality with every sip stirring unique tongue rousing experiences.

"Bhavani Koffee transformed rudimentary coffee production trends adding in exciting elements and flavors with a keen interest in retaining a naturalessence of the products"

Coffee-Beans & Tea-Leaves, Tea-Pots & Coffee-Makers
Utilizing remarkable state-of-the-art technology with passion-driven knowledge and meticulous efforts, Vinayanand demarcates the specialty of Bhavani Koffee stating, “When people sip it,they should feel and savor the aroma and long lasting taste, which would make them crave for more”.
Choosing its tea from tea-hubs like Assam’s tea gardens, the company blends uniquely tasting variety of teas to create a perfect combination. Beside exotic flavorful tastes and aromas, the company ensures that no additives or added color goes into any of its products. A scrupulous testing process decides if the products are competent for shipping, followed by the distinct process of packaging. Enclosed in respective segments, each pack is then shipped out based on the company’s three ranked shipment basis namely, hotels &institutions, metro cities and tier-two/tier-three cities.

In addition to its specially developed tea/coffee products, the company proffers an array of coffee makers like traditional-coffee/kettle-coffee filters, Mocha /Percolator coffee-makers, French press/electric coffee-makers and domestic grinding machines.

Brewing Future Prospects& Social Aids
Currently available on popular e-Commerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart, the company engages with various middlemen to sell its products internationally, but plans to take it up in its own hands and also have its own e-Commerce website. This will help Bhavani Koffee to push its current growth of 22-25 percent to 40 percent annually. The ISO22000 and HACCP certified company is also deeply engaged in CSR activities by helping and sponsoring the education of poor children, and organizing special medical camps for poorer communities.