Blurb Productions: Exploring New Angles to Storytelling with Right Talents

Gaurav Kodesia & Aditi Kodesia,FoundersThe ways in which people create and consume content has been disrupted with the inflow of emerging technologies. New fangled gears, aesthetics, story narration, and many other elements are shaking the oldschool approach in the media industry, resulting in more stylized outputs that elevate the entertainment value for the audience. Fastened with an organized approach, piloted from concept to post production stage, Blurb Productions provides end-to-end solutions for in creating video outputs. A boutique video production agency based out of New Delhi, the company is the collaborative brainchild of Aditi and Gaurav Kodesia, and saw its dawn in 2012.

Blurb Productions has invested in creative efforts to produce videos for brand campaigns, TV promotions documentaries, idents & animations, music videos, and fashion films serving companies and individuals. By immersing and understanding a brand, the company conceptualizes the format and nature of the video output the client seeks. Acknowledging their strength in editing, they ensure these skills come into play in all stages of production, especially visualization that has allowed them to be known for their ace post production skills. Working in conjunction with adept technicians that include sound designers,
musicians, and colour graders, the team has always met the high level of trust their clients have in them. “Our experience in film making and story telling helps us meet our objective of creating an emotional and ethereal connection with the viewer. We use our combined experience of over two decades, knowledge of cinematic & audio visual tools and story telling, and social media capabilities to create engaging content”, explains Aditi Kodesia, Founder, Blurb Productions. The company applies tools at its disposal to create a hyper real environment for viewers in order to serve to their desire.

Acknowledging their strength in editing, they ensure these skills come into play in all stages of production, especially visualisation that has allowed them to be known for their ace post-production skills

The core team of Blurb does not change for different projects, since that is what keeps the quality in check and consistency in workflow. But the company has always been open to working with fresh minds that bring novel ideas to the table. “Rael Armstrong, a Senior Producer, has been an integral part of our team for almost five years now, and Deepak Singh Negi, the newest member of Blurb family doubles up as Editor and Assistant Director. Blurb is incomplete without the two of them”, expresses Gaurav Kodesia, Founder, Blurb Productions.

As a boutique agency, Blurb is driven by quality, not quantity, in its work. By taking only a handful of projects at a time, the leadership of the company can involve themselves in every stage of production, ensuring work of the highest quality. Since Blurb encompasses a set of activities that involve writing, visualizing shooting, and editing inhouse, the company brings in talent for each job from outside if necessary.

Royal Enfield has worked with the company for the past seven years, and continues to be a strong supporter. Blurb has handled projects of all sizes for them from rides and DIY films to brand campaigns and media launches for several of their brands.

Recently, the company embarked on a mission to set up its presence in Toronto, Canada to venture into international markets, while continuing to bring the nuances and attention to detail that Blurb has come to be known for.