BMR Group: Processing, Distribution & Marketing of Quality Shrimp Products from Seed to Shelf

Dr. B. M. Masthan Rao,Chairman & MD

Dr. B. M. Masthan Rao

Chairman & MD

The Indian shrimp feed market is projected to reach 1.8 million tons by 2024, according to Research and Markets. One of the primary factors catalyzing the growth of the Indian shrimp feed market is the massive marine wealth in India that sustains the development of the aquaculture industry. In addition, the market is also influenced by the commercialization of L.Vannamei shrimp, supported by sustained demand from both the developed and developing countries. Contributing to this growth while offering shrimps of world-class quality to the global market is BMR Group, a Chennai-based seafood farming & export company. Under the headship of Dr. B.M. Masthan Rao(Chairman & MD), BMR is credited as the pioneers of L.Vannamei cultivation in India. His vision, innovation, dedication, and creative skills led BMR towards the success of the aqua division.

The Extraordinary Contribution

Dr. Rao is a Post Graduate in Commerce and has been awarded as Doctorate within the domain of Aquaculture by International University of Contemporary Studies. His extraordinary contribution to Aqua Industry is the introduction of L-Vannamei species in India that changed the face of the industry. When in mid 90s shrimp production in India had been adversely affected due to severe
disease outbreak, farmers were discontinuing aquaculture. At this juncture, Dr. Rao pursued an innovative idea for trying out a new species called L.Vannamie. He ran a pilot project to culture L.Vannamie species and with its positive results, he convinced the Government to open-up the country to this new species, resulting in instant success and taking rural India into the International markets.

Leaders of Aquaculture & Aqua Industry

“We are a vertically integrated group of companies aiming to provide entire supply chain solutions to aqua farmers. We supply Shrimp Seed, Shrimp Feed, Healthcare Products, Tech Support, and Processing Facilities as a one stop solution to the aqua farmers,” avers Dr. Rao. The firm offers all kind of raw & cooked, headless & peeled L.Vannamei shrimps under its own brand. Starting from an idyllic village of Iskapally in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh, BMR Group has grown to be industry leaders in the seafood sector. Presently, the firm is operating 12 hatcheries (bagged the Best Hatchery in India Award by the MPEDA Govt. of India) and is regarded as the largest seed supplier in the country.

BMR has also developed 350 hectares of CAA approved farming area, on site labs and operates feed mill technology from Switzerland to provide premium quality shrimp feed in economical price. It has a state of the art factory covering 50,000 sq.ft. area in Dhamavaram, with a capacity of 25 MT/day and adheres all the industry standards like BAP, BRC, HACCP, and others. BMR’s Process Plant has a four star BAP status and is equipped with all the latest equipment. It also leverages advanced packaging machines and maintains the cold chain throughout the production. Along side, for technical trouble shooting, BMR has a centralized R&D division.

The firm has started a new phase in the aquaculture by introducing Broodstock Multiplication Centre to supply quality brooders that can have tremendous demand in the Indian aqua industry. To stay updated with the industry trend, BMR provides introductory, upgradation and refresher training to its workforce. The firm is committed to follow eco friendly processes and also meets all the statutory provisions as laid down by the Government. With such dedicated services, the company has bagged many prestigious clients across the world, including Walmart, Rubicon, Klasspuul, and OKAYA, to name a few. “With the highest degree of transparency and honesty in our services, we aim to exceed our customer’s expectations in processing, distribution, and marketing of safe & quality shrimps products from seed to shelf,” concludes Dr. Rao.