Cadillac Impex: Power-House of Eco-Friendly Products

Ankit Khaire,Founder & Director

Ankit Khaire

Founder & Director

Centuries of exploitation and harsh human practices have completely wrecked the environment. It is high time for humans to understand the exigencies for environmental protection. Fortunately, several naturalists and environmental groups from around the world have come forward to fight sustainability in their own distinct ways. A 23-year-old environmental enthusiast, Ankit Khaire decided to propagandize the benefits of going green to save the planet from havoc caused by exaggerated use of plastics and other harmful materials. Being an environmentalist himself, who graduated from M.S. University, Baroda with Environmental Science, it was not difficult for him to get to the bottom of predicaments the earth is enduring. Since the environmental issues are intricate and immense, An-kit completed deep market research for realising future trends and scenario before deciding the methods to address these complexities.

His educational background, inquisitiveness and the keen aspiration of encouraging the manufacturing and consumption of environmentally-sound products dawned in him the thought-provoking idea of institute cornerstone of Cadillac Impex- a green product manufacturing firm that aspires to acquaint the ecosystem with eco-friendly, bio-degradable & sustainable products.
Ankit set his sight on using Bamboo for contriving eco-friendly products because it is highly sustainable, non-toxic, 100 percent biodegradable and the fastest growing plant easily available in the eastern region of the country. The whole gamut of single as well as reusable items produced by the firm is sold and exported at reasonable prices. They are segregated as Drinkware, Cutlery, Tableware, Lighting & daily use products made from Bamboo. Standing against the myth that eco-friendly products are costly and have less varieties, Cadillac Impex is proving that eco-friendly products are cost-efficient, comes in wide range through manufacture of reusable cutlery, straw, pen, toothbrush from bamboo as an alternative, which plastic made form cause plastic pollution. Apart from this, Cadillac Impex plays an important role preserving the diminishing handicraft industry in India, concurrently providing employment to the talented and artistic tribal folks. The products are authentically handcrafted which are wholesaled throughout the country and exported across the globe. The striking fact about the company is it staunchly promotes Indian made inventions and does not import or sell a single foreign product. "The sole objective of our endeavours has been to fabricate the finest alternatives using this miraculous plant and at the same time pave path for the promoting the traditional art & craft and make room for the acknowledgment of the tribal and local artisan. We also motivate our clients to share their ideas with us and get the wares designed as per their desire and needs. We treat our raw materials organically to make final product toxin-free and durable; we do not use any chemical wax in our tableware. As far as our company's manoeuvres are concerned, we do not sell imported products but do export our products to other countries. As a team we strive to spread awareness about the advantages of adapting an eco-friendly lifestyle reaches every individual."

Cadillac Impex- a green product manufacturing firm that aspires to acquaint the ecosystem with eco-friendly, bio-degradable & sustainable products

Established in 2019, the company has created a disruption in the market. It has become the most favoured name for eco-friendly cutlery, tableware, home decors lightings and art crafts. Its ethical business policies and facilities have gained it a robust client-base in India, USA and some European countries. With more and more people embracing these eco-friendly products; Cadillac Impex is all set to maximize its production and sales. For which it has settled on the plan of endorsing latest machineries that will facilitate the production of products made of Bamboo-fibres. It is positive about observing lucrative growth in the coming years and persistently work towards the welfare of the environment.