CADSOL: Ensuring Quality Driven Production Cycle

Rohit Shintre, Director

Rohit Shintre


With customers getting peculiar about finished products, companies must build quality into their products or services. This means a company wide commitment to eliminate errors at every stage of the product development process product design, process design, manufacturing and testing. Mumbai based CADSOL has been ensuring the clients meet their quality standards in this competitive market. The company offers its services segregated into three main categories Knowledge Work Automation, Engineering Design Services and Enterprise Applications Development. Though classified, all the three offerings serve a common purpose of enabling clients to adapt to the Industry 4.0 through digitization & Automation of product design cycle and digitization & integration of processes across entire organization.

The flagship, Knowledge Work Automation, involves digitization and automation of product design process by developing custom software application which is integrated with client's CAD platform. Under engineering design services CADSOL offers a range of services like New product development (concept design, detailed engineering along with prototyping, design optimization), 3d modelling & animation, design failure analysis, design validation and reverse engineering.

CADSOL has developed an inhouse proprietary framework for drafting
automation for all major CAD platforms. CADSOL's technology stack is extensive given the integration of its solutions with SAP, Oracle, Tally, JDE, Teamcentre, Windchill, Aras and many other custom ERP/PLM packages. However, CADSOL's USP is not as much the rich technology stack, as its nature of engagement with clients. This firm is platform agnostic with a focus on understanding the customers'expectations. Once nature of challenges is well understood CADSOL's engineering and software teams devise the solution within the constraints (economical, manufacturing, regulatory, IP) presented by the client. "This approach has helped us to strike a chord with our client and help us deliver delightful results", adds Rohit Shintre, Director, CADSOL. Being platform agnostic has enabled CADSOL to develop capabilities on all major CAD platforms like Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, NX, Solidedge, Creo, and Onshape.

CADSOL has developed an inhouse proprietary framework for drafting automation for all major CAD platforms

CADSOL caters to diverse clients from small SMEs to decades old established engineering giants. For an India based multinational conglomerate, CADSOL completed 3rd digitization of their FCC refinery plant which had more than 25000 unique components. A mammoth task worth 4500 man hours was delivered in three months. Also, in a recent collaboration with a heavy engineering division of another Indian MNC, CADSOL assisted them to develop design automation application for Reformed Gas Boilers in which 37 man days design cycle was reduced to 6 man days. This client has had several engagements with CADSOL in the past too. CADSOL's comprehensive approach to any project is a quality that has earned the company many reputed and tier 1 clients. CADSOL's project execution process is very extensive which comprises total 21 different stages right from input gathering to final release. In these 21 stages, there are 5 different stages which are dedicated for quality checks. Only after successful full cycle testing of all these components post integration, solution is released for end user testing. "As a practice we see to it that our services assist our customer to fulfill their requirement for ISO design and development", asserts Rohit.

While the current set of solutions focuses on digitization, automation and integration of processes, CADSOL is working towards bringing in mobile app solutions to enrich user experience and interactions. CADSOL envisions becoming the go-to technology partner when customers think of transforming their businesses to new scales.