Canberg Global Sourcing : Taking Sourcing, Manufacturing, Vendor Management and Supply Chain to New Heights

Ms. Neetu Agarwal,MD and CEOBusinesses are looking for a sourcing cum manufacturing company for an array of requirements - to develop and create a new product line, to consolidate an assortment of products which we can either be manufactured or sourced and consolidated to their destination. However, there are several challenges that businesses face including uncertainty of orders with the current overall market scenario, supply chain hiccups, forecasting the right demand for products, shortage of workers and talent and others. Canberg Global Sourcing, an ISO 9001:2015 and OEKO Tex 100 certified organization, with manufacturing units being certified to ISO 14001, Sedex and others, helps businesses cater to such impediments. It produces and supplies a wide range of products, to home and internationally as convenient.

The goods offered by us are mainly from APAC region supplied to all over world. With highly qualified experts, we are expanding our domain with products, quality and price.

‘Our diversified portfolio in Sourcing, Manufacturing and Vendor Management is well versed to provide customized solutions to our clients and associates to meet their exact requirements. Our services include a flexible approach to sourcing with an array of global partners, product and market matchmaking, vendor evaluation, on-boarding and management, designing and product development, cost negotiation and
rationalization, quality assurance, and ensuring an ethical supply chain,’ says Neetu Agarwal, MD and CEO, Canberg Global Sourcing.

Staying Unique and Advanced is the Key to Success
Canberg Global Sourcing offers round the clock customer engagement with an active participation in product offering, cost rationalization and problem solving. Designing and production for modern concepts is what we focus on. From the reputed global suppliers we get the raw materials, to ensure quality and product continuity with best price. The company is also focused on sustainable and recyclable materials as much as possible and sustainable production processes too.

‘With the world turning upside down with the onset of the pandemic, a global shift in procurement and marketing strategies have taken place with more and more people being forced to focus on online marketplaces for their requirements. We are in the process of launching our own e-commerce platform to meet the requirements of newer prospects,’ says Neetu Agarwal, MD and CEO, Canberg Global Sourcing.

We are in the process of launching D2C platform to meet the requirements of emerging and markets prospects

To be in the competition and stay with the clients we maintain our ERP system of incoming and outgoing details of the products. Upgrades to the latest tech in machineries, maintains a fully modernized warehouse with an easy-to-follow real time inventory and more.

Founded in 2008, Canberg Global Sourcing is in the process of launching its own e-commerce platform for a better interactive experience for its users in addition to expanding its digital marketing portfolio. With its diversity of offerings, Canberg has established a foothold into new untapped geographies over the last couple of years and is planning on establishing its footprints into further uncharted territories.

A Bright Future Ahead
Despite the global market being staggered by the effect of COVID-19, we have maintained a Hiring growth of 15% YOY and overall CAGR of 12% YOY over the last two financial years and have continued to project a robust positive future outlook. ‘We envisage to become Global leaders in providing Innovative "Next Level" solutions to all sectors for protecting and elevating the value of Life, Environment and Assets,’ concludes Neetu Agarwal, MD and CEO, Canberg Global Sourcing.