Capture Crew: Unleashing the Power of Art with Innovation & Technology for End-to-End M&E Solutions.

Neil Quadras,Managing Director

Neil Quadras

Managing Director

Driven by the increasing digitization and internet penetration, Indian media and entertainment (M&E) industry is gaining a strong growth momentum with an expected upswing of 14 percent CAGR by 2020. This beautiful dawn in the M&E space has shown the opportunity to squeeze maximum ROI for the entrepreneurs. Sensing the feasibility, Neil Quadras, (Director) established Capture Crew, a media production house in 2009, in the untapped market of Bangalore which caters comprehensive range of web, broadcast and film medium.

Making a pitch in the end-to-end media coalition, it binds all domain expertise under one roof such as content creation, script writing, shooting, line production & post production with in-house post production facilities. In fact, the proficient Capture Crew team understands every aspect of film-making, from writing scripts to editing videos, which enables them to attune and co-ordinate with other film making teams.Today, it offers tailor made services to the most sophisticated clientele Societe
Generale, Honeywell, Microsoft, Lenovo, Marico, Wipro, Zeiss, Samsung and many more. Being the first Indian company to use Virtual BioQuant, this futuristic company has bagged several awards akin to Yahoo Picture Awards.

Capture Crew understands every aspect of film-making, which enables them to attune and co-ordinate with other film making teams.

Pioneer in the area of Shoot, Sound, Editing, VFX, Design and Print as well, Capture Crew is also the first company to create India's first virtual hologram video for Wipro which was show cased in Mumbai and Dubai. Adding to the achievements, it has done a multi city shoot for Marico Innovation Awards 2011 and created the advertisement for Storm Festival telecasted on MTV.

Reaching the Audience with Creativity

Thinking ahead of its time, Capture Crew is the only company to offer immersive experience of 360 degree Virtual Reality videos and Google Cardboard technology in Bangalore.With expertise in 3D, Photography and Video production, the company's versatile range of offerings include commercial ads, music videos, documentaries, animation, graphic designing and so on. The entity counts on its
dedicated R&D team for analyzing the market and audience thoroughly. Once Capture Crew delves deep into the client's requirement, the specialized script and content team takes up the requisite action of creative writing.

Podium for Film Production

Capture Crew offers a unique and transparent platform for mid-level film production, where anybody with a budget of Rs.1, 50,000 can invest in a film, after knowing the film synopsis and watching the promo. This member of Film and Television Guild of South India welcomes investment from 15-20 people, all of whom will have a significant role to play in the film, rather than taking crowd funding from hundreds of people. As there is no specific way of quantifying an artist's job, there is no standardized cost chart for the clients at Capture Crew and hence its charges vary from project-to-project.

To retain people in an industry that cares about fame more than money, the company indulges itself in interesting jobs rather than performing easy mundane tasks. Though Capture Crewcaters across the nation, its focus is more diversified towards South Indian region, since having more markets allows it to target its audience specifically according to different languages and cultures. Already in production two films for Tamil & Kannada film industry this year, it is all set to release ten films in next five years in South Indian market. Further, Capture Crew envisions assembling film enthusiasts keen on film production and connecting them to the creators and experienced technicians in the industry.