Chai Vaai Cafe: Lip-smacking Taste & a Wide Platter For The Food Finicky

  Simran,    Founder & CEO


Founder & CEO

Eateries and restaurants represent a big share of the food industry as, despite the challenges faced during the pandemic, they thrived to stay and through developed logistics, they were able to cater to the cravings of their customers. Food franchise models have gained quite a popularity during the covid as through a reasonable sum invested, one can run the food outlet with the brand name.Besides the food quality and consistency are easier to maintain and the food connoisseurs out there are already finicky about the brand. Established in 2019 in Indore, Chai Vaai Cafe is one such food franchise known for its spectrum of palettes and consistent taste. Being an emerging startup, the brand has already bagged some recognitions like­ 'Best emerging café chain'and the "Most promising brand", in the last two years.

Food For Every Mood!
Chai Vaai Cafe represents a 'Food for every mood' kind of vibe when it comes to a distinctive feature of demarcation from its contemporaries. Unlike other chai stalls that are known for their chai and maybe some other refreshments along with it, Chai Vaai Cafe targets a complete platter to satiate the hunger needs. Other than offering chai &coffee to its clients, it also offers Chinese, Italian, and Continental delicacies to its clients along with some thick milkshakes and cold beverages. It also serves Indian food under the 'Maa Menu' with a lipsmacking taste.
Chai Vaai Cafe has a simple franchise model for its clients. It has three models ­ Chai & Coffee Tea Kiosk, Chai Vaai Cafe Model, and Chai Vaai Cafe Tiny Model. "The kitchen infrastructure depends on the type of model the client is willing to go forward with. The quality checks are conducted by the team with respect to the model on a continuous basis. As a brand, it is important to be thorough with the food compliance requirements and adherence to the Government rules. The company ensures that all partners adhere to the compliances given by the authorities, thus creating high-quality benchmarks", says Simran, Founder& CEO, Chai Vaai Cafe.

The most important factors for the growth of the Chai Vaai Café have been the consistency in the quality front of the products and the strong association with the clients that have kept it ahead of its competitors

Targeting Collaborative Growth
Food delivery at the doorstep has never been as essential as in the times of the covid and follows up to be a normal norm.Thus Chai Vaai Cafe chooses the best delivery partner like Zomato & Swiggy for doorstep delivery. The food industry works on continuous investments in improvements and upgrades too and to be ahead of the game, Chai Vaai Cafe ensures no stone unturned to continue the practice. It continually invests in logistics to ensure a hasslefree delivery at the client's doorstep. It has also come up with lesser investment models for the same for its clients in the past two years.

Started the journey with just one café, Chai Vaai Cafe now has 43 cafes pan India with different operating models and there are 9 upcoming cafes on the run planned for October-November 2022. The roadmap for Chai Vaai Cafe is simple and outright. It targets growth along with the growth of its partners and makes Chai Vaai Cafe the favorite eatery option for all. "It's never been about selling, it's about steadily growing in the market", concludes Simran.