Chai Vaai Cafe: Striving to Build Delightful Food for Every Mood

Simran Gurnani,Founder

Diya Gurnani, Co-Founder

Simran Gurnani, Founder

Life throws curveballs that might be intolerable, making you uncomfortable, but when you take a deeper look, you find several reasons to carry on. If your quest is to emerge as a champion and taste success, then you shouldn't shy away from those unprec-edented challenges, rather face them with passion, courage, and zest to make them big.

This is because the ingredients for becoming a champion are embedded and encrypted in those pressing challenges. Simran Gurnani, Founder & Director of Chai Vaai Café Pvt. Ltd., believes that winners aren't people who never fail but people who never quit. Her story is as familiar as any other woman except for that inner drive that led her to bounce back as a true entrepreneur in the hospitality industry.

The hard-working, determined housewife and a mother of two tried her hands in various aspects of work and business, finally met the right people at the right time that pushed her in the right direction where she followed her dreams. With a much-needed push from her daughter Diya Gurnani, Simran started a small cafe as Chai Vaai Café in 2018 in Indore, tapping her savings. The idea was to
open a single outlet to keep herself occupied and make her ends meet, but with the support from the team, she soon initiated franchising.

The cafe rolled out giving franchises to grow on food as several chai brands were offering similar types of menus and services. Also, to stand out from the crowd, the team developed the cost to the basic for franchise and menu for mass, starting from Rs.10-Rs.150 targeting everyone with a pocket-friendly menu serving fresh, hygienic, fast meals served with the best ingredients and loads of love. Their hard work paid off, and within seven months, they successfully opened 10+ Pan-India outlets.

A Look at the Franchising Process
The franchising process begins the moment LOI gets finalized for a client. The operational team visits the location to help them with procurement of the shop or land, finalizing the vendors for civil work, hiring, and training the local staff. The process moves on with finalizing the vendors for raw material locally, with the best rates for the franchise owners. The team has been working on three models starting from Rs.9.5 lakhs to Rs.20 lakhs.

winners aren't people who never fail but people who never quit

The cafe offers full training to all the franchise owners and staff, with a well-trained chef with proper SOP. The entire system for the menu is designed with suitable recipes and recipe management with an inventory control system. All its models have been made customer-friendly and looking at safety for customers. The kitchen and setup are done by a team of operational experts backed with 18+ years of rich experience in the industry, keeping in mind all the procedures for hygiene and safety. They keep a close check with staff and owners and do a follow-up on every franchise outlet every quarter.

The cafe charges no royalty for six months and six percent after that. The cafe has a well-knitted team of 15 people full of experience and breakthrough ideas. Simran supports its people to update themselves with the upcoming trends, keeping in mind the budget of its franchise owners. "It's not about opening multiple outlets; it's about making every franchise grow with the help, support, and keeping the brand up with the latest trends. We want to have at least 25 outlets by the end of 2021," she concludes.