Chandrans Group: Striving to Become the Role Model of Poultry Operations

Supporting & developing the communities in and around a poultry farm is crucial for any farm owner. Maintaining relationships with customers, employees, suppliers that is based on mutual respect & trust is also a quality that works as a key for success of any business. With the same vision and mission, Chandrans Group was established in 1983. It is a fast-growing poultry group based out of Tirupur district, Tamilnadu.

It's operations range from operating commercial layer farms, broiler breeder farms, feed mills and hatcheries. Chandrans has vertically integrated its operations with its own feed mill & chick and grower operations. It has its own egg candling, egg grading, egg printing & packing setup along with a farm fetched by modern facilities.

State-of -the-art Egg Production Business
`We have been in the egg production business with consistent quality & good scientific management practices. Our facilities include a microbiology & feed testing lab for continuous improvement & development. We are a vertically integrated operation with our own feed mill & chick and grower operations along with a retailing set up too,' says Balaji P B, Director, Chandrans Poultry Farm.

Chandrans Poultry Farm manufactures table eggs & layer mash feed for domestic market & exports. Apart from that it also has the capability to produce a wide range of allied products including liquid eggs, broiler breeder mash feed, broiler mash feed, organic poultry cage manure, clean eggs for vaccine production, pullet birds at point of lay and more. The farm also supplies organic manure to your doorstep.

`We are committed to producing & marketing nutritious table eggs at lowest costs to customers in and around Coimbatore district who look for consistent quality eggs. Unlike other poultry farms in the state, we establish & maintain long term, mutually rewarding relationships with our customers. We endeavour to become a role model for poultry operations', says Balaji P B, Managing Partner, Chandrans Poultry Farm.

Chandrans Poultry Farm is a modern farm with all the birds in cages in elevated open-sided sheds with automatic feeding & egg
collection facility. Its latest feed mill, Chandrans feeds, established in 2019 caters to the farm's captive requirements and also equips farmers with several latest facilities.

Susanta Saha,CEO

The plant is equipped with auto batching with a facility that ensures that every kilo of feed is produced with an accurate measurement of each ingredient according to any given formula. The auto bagging & auto stitching facility of the feedmill ensures that every bag of feed is weighed and stitched with accurate weighment. In addition, the inhouse 60 ton weighbridge serves to recheck the quantum of feed given to customers. It offers a reverse air purging unit to ensure that the dusty components of the feed do not create breathing problems for the feed mill workers. In addition, the raw material elevator ensures that workers do not have to carry heavy loads to the top floors of the feedmill and more.

We establish & maintain long term, mutually rewarding relationships with our customers and endeavour to become a role model for poultry operations

For its captive needs, Chandrans Poultry Farm gives priority to locally sourced grains, thereby directly benefiting the farmers in the region. It offers direct delivery of organic manure from its farms to agricultural farms located in its vicinity. This organic manure is given at a very low price when compared to the prices of fertilizer available in the market and it is directly delivered to the farm location to help farmers save time and efforts.

Eyeing at a Brighter Future
Balaji P B is exceptionally skilled in strategy development, business building, business to business marketing, brand expansion, system integration, machine design and client handling. With his 20+ years of experience Balaji P B contributes of the company's growth through operation leadership. It is currently chalking out a plan to explore new revenue sources like export markets, branding of its products and looking at value addition in its product line. It is looking for avenues to improve its bottom line performance by participating in commodity exchanges and engaging in contract farming of agricultural commodities.