Chevon: A Pioneering Presence as India's Most Renowned Goat-Meat Brand

Rizwan Thakur,  Founder & CEO

Rizwan Thakur, Founder & CEO

Rizwan Thakur (Founder & CEO, Chevon) an ex-delegate of the internet and media world had rooted to follow his passion towards farming and agro-based sectors and found solace in India’s most expensive export – Goat meat. Realizing the dearth of a branded goat-meat establishment in the country and pondering over lucrative prospects of the business, in 2015 his dream turned reality in the form of Chevon incepted as a conduit to curb the lapse between farm-level marketing and urban tenders. Citing it as the first ever goat meat brand in India, Chevon’s ultimate mission is to present in domestic and international markets the best quality, ready-to-cook frozen goat meat with an assurance of its newly assumed super-food status. Moreover, this ISO 22000 certified company thrives success through the breeding and processing of the Osmanabadi breed of goats that is known for its nutritious benefits under an extremely healthy environment strictly following only natural domestication process for pure outcomes.

Recognized for its unique and delicious taste, Chevon is the only
packaged brand in the food FMCG space that produces over 130 different products under two prime brands namely KUZO apart from its signature Chevon. The company further considers the significance of convenience for its customers, thereby providing them a final product that is well-processed, cleaned, frozen, efficiently packaged and made available in over 2000 stores across the country and few markets globally. With every necessary certification in place, the brand is export-certified and halal-guaranteed to ensure reaching the table of every plausible consumer.

"Recognized for its unique and delicious taste, Chevon is the only packaged brand in the food FMCG space that produces over 130 different products under two prime brands"

A One-of-a-Kind Presence
Seeking to satiate the taste-buds of today’s global-consumers under its duo-brands (Chevon & Kuzo), the company caters to providing both healthy as well as fast-food variants. While Chevon brands for products ranging from raw meat, biryani-cut, chops and more, KUZO on the other hand provides ready-to-fry products like Turkish Kebabs, Baida roti, Moroccan sausages, cheese burgers, nuggets and filing in other international cuisines as well. Matchless in its presence, Chevon has taken the goat-meat market to an advanced standard giving it a branded and quality-based status. With the livestock given the best of feeds and timely medical check-ups, the company guarantees health and nutrition with every bite additionally packaged exclusively within a
three-layered covering to restore its freshness until it reaches the consumers’ table. Using nature’s best way of preserving food – Freezing, Chevon’s products are truly one-of-a-kind in the market.

Furthermore, in-sync with the government’s aspiration to augment the livelihood and income of farmers, Chevon maintains ties with local farmers and various Self Help Groups (SHG), creating for them revenue generating opportunities rippling major social impacts. With the company’s involvement in uplifting these locals, Chevon gains the benefit of maintaining a constant, healthy supply of Osmanabadi goats from the local farmers /shepherds. Taking pride in this initiative, Rizwan states, “The largest opportunity for the marginal farmer is livestock and they thrive by it; we work with SHGs and these marginal farmers and we encourage them to rear animals while we buy it from them, thus creating huge social impact.”

More in the Pipeline
Displayed on its hall of fame, Chevon holds awards for The Best Frozen Food by Times(2018) with many others to prove its unsurpassed contributions to the frozen food industry and the local communities. Growing at a 15 to 20 percent monthly revenue spike, the company aspires to build itself as a global brand with a keen focus on markets that majorly house the Indian diasporas with launches pipelined in the UAE, Thailand, South East Asia and the Middle East markets.