Cicycafe: Rich, Smooth & Instant Coffee Premixes that Makes You feel like Home

Recent studies point to an increasing trend in coffee consumption in India, especially among the corporate crowd, thereby opening-up a significant market for related products. Making a cup of coffee these days often doesn’t require the hassle of boiling milk, adding coffee powder and sugar, nor does it require owning a coffee maker; thanks to the concept of coffee premixes that have transformed the traditional way of coffee making. Leading brands like Cicycafe are now pioneering in the manufacture and supply of instant coffee premix sachets and cups to customers.

Vishakh SP, GM Marketing

This Mangalore-based company lets customers make coffee by just emptying the contents of the sachet into a cup and adding hot water to it. This easy to make instant coffee resembles home made coffee in taste
profile,smooth in texture and pleasant in aroma; with a guarantee of no artificial flavors, preservatives or frothing agents. Binesh George, Owner, Cicycafe, professes, “Cicycafe's instant coffee mixes are made using the best of line ingredients with an affordable price tag attached to it. The blend is developed and designed by industry-leading and experienced coffee tasters. The coffee products contain 10 percent of chicory and 80-90 percent of coffee wherein all the ingredients are sourced from the top-notch suppliers in the industry and blended to perfection. Here at CicyCafe, we also adhere to strict standards and quality control to the extent that a batch of coffee will be discarded if it fails to meet out high bar.

"CicyCafe's instant coffee mixes are made using the best of line ingredients with an affordable price tag attached to it"

In February 2018,Cicycafe took-off with coffee sachets aimed at individuals and small offices. Now, the brand has also started providing 500 grams economical coffee packs intended for families and a broader audience. The company is also diversifying into tea sachets and products.
The Upswing & Future Plans
Cicycafe has grown its capacity from supplying just 10-20 cups per day on Amazon this February to 500-600 cups per day currently, across Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. With the aim of building a product first, making it successful and then investing more, the firm aspires to serve around 30 lakh cups of coffee in the coming year and also reach 5-10 million cups in its fifth year. It also plans on launching espresso tea & coffee capsules for black coffee consumers, vending machine for small offices and also organic products at affordable prices so that they can reach even the laymen.

Poised in the huge coffee market of India with opportunities galore, Cicycafe envisions procuring a turnover of Rs.500 crore within the next five years along with 10-times growth YoY and also foraying into the B2B and retail segments. Commenting on the firm’s future plans, Vishakh concludes, “Despite being a 10-month old brand in the coffee market, we are striving to deliver the best quality and taste to the coffee consumers through our products, associate with other players who pledge the same motto as ours, and unveil newer coffee & tea products, post attaining sustainable growth”.