ComputerYug: Getting rid of the space blocking unused electronic dump

Nirav Raval,FounderOver the recent past, the global market of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) has grown exponentially, while the lifespan of these products has become increasingly shorter. More of these products are ending up in rubbish dumps and recycling centers, posing a new challenge to policy makers. Therefore, Mumbai-based ComputerYug, an E-Waste management company's attempt is to bridge the gap between consumers and licensed recyclers leading to a pool of opportunities and assistance to those who are struggling for community service funds. Founded by Mr. Nirav Raval, ComputerYug originally was formulated to provide genuine advice & service along with Sales of laptop /computers and hardware accessories. Computer-Yug is also associated with NGOs and trusts who are seeking funds for noble causes like functioning orphanages, old age homes, or for funding needy students for basic or higher education.

ComputerYug's mission for up-coming years is to create zero-dumped electronic garbage and utilize major part of the recycled material and proceeds for community causes. Generally, NGOs ultimately target corporate for the funds. The fact is, Indian giants have their own foundations usually under corporate social responsibility initiatives which makes it difficult to arrange extra funding for these external NGO expectations. However, corporates anyway keep upgrading their IT infrastructure and regularly discard the old machines, equipment and accessories such as desktop and laptop computers.
Why E-Waste Recycling
The company prompts response in each aspect like understanding customer's exact needs, suggesting apt configuration to delivering the chosen laptop, computer or accessory. This service is applicable for smallest to biggest quantum orders that come its way. Apart from this, ComputerYug is also supporting "Make in India" concept with its active involvement in E-Waste management process by collecting and ensuring its reaches to the authorized recyclers for apt processing. ComputerYug has taken regular initiatives in reaching out to various states in India for organized E-Waste management. This can lead to natural resource preservation, pollution control and boost availability of lots of industrial raw materials.

Preserving natural resources and to a better future
Consumers are unaware of the importance of recycling E-Waste. Once an accessory or machine is dysfunctional, they usually dispose it off without adequate knowledge. They are clue-less about disposal ways and instead of knowing that it is neither a part of dry waste nor wet waste, they dispose it anyway as there is no other option available. Usually, E-Waste is always disposed and mixed up with other kinds of waste. Due to this, the segregation process becomes challenging and most of the E-Waste remains non-recycled as it gets soiled. ComputerYug helps in natural resource preservation through this project by way of organizing the entire structure of E-Waste collection and processing.

ComputerYug seeks support from each household, society, organization, each region-city-state-village-institution and officials in their mission to make India E-Pollution-Free and transform the way E-Waste is treated

ComputerYug has been spreading E-Waste awareness and collection drives in educational spaces, co-operative societies and even factories, manufacturing units and big corporate offices. They have so far helped Slum Rehabilitation Authority, many pharma giants and numerous other companies and many more institutions in the entire process from collection to management of E-Waste. In the last few years, the company has helped lot of employee generation due to their reach to PAN India for E-Waste collection and management. Their initiatives have many more milestones planned and for this, they have a big contribution to not just employment generation, but a boost to a lot of industries due to easy and cheaper local raw material availability. Computer-Yug seeks support from each house-hold, society, organization, each region-city-state-village-institution and officials in their mission to make India E-Pollution-Free and transform the way E-Waste is treated.