Creative Synergies Group: Spearheading Digital Engineering and Embedded Systems Innovation

Dr. Mukesh V Gandhi,Founder & CEO

Dr. Mukesh V Gandhi

Founder & CEO

Driven by a relentless vision to be a global dominant Digital Engineering and Embedded Systems player, Creative Synergies Group(CREATIVE) has made timely investments in NextGen technologies & talent to transform the engineering landscape and assure its long term growth and success. Fortune 500 companies are now realizing that in order to gain momentum in theirjourney on the technology route and significantly upgrade their capabilities at a rapid pace, they need to partner with technology experts like CREATIVE to capitalize on their expertise in cutting edge tools and frameworks. Recognized as a global leader in Digital Integrated Product Development and Plant Engineering through a convergence of mechanical, embedded and software technologies, CREATIVE has over 50 Fortune 500 clients across Automotive,Transportation, Industrial & Energy and Process Industries globally.

In order to stay competitive in today's marketplace, CREATIVE's clients mandate a very coherent and optimized Digital Engineering and Embedded Systems strategy. This strategy can reduce design cycles, achieve faster time to market, reduce costs and significantly expand their Return on Investment in product development and project management. With a thoughtful comprehensive technology roadmap, CREATIVE is a leader in driving the digital engineering and embedded systems revolution towards Industry 4.0 and enabling companies to fulfill their product development objectives through a myriad of highend digital services leveraging the convergence of Mechanical, Embedded and Software Technologies.

In the Embedded Systems space CREATIVE focuses on HIL/SIL/PIL, DCUs/ECUs for Body Controls, Engine Controls, ADAS, Autonomous Driving,Connected Cars, Electric Powertrain, Battery Management and Shared Mobility in the Automotive and Transportation industry. In Smart Plant engineering the emphasis is on E&I, PLC, Robotics and HMI development. The company specializes in smart enablement by leveraging leading edge digital technologies including IoT, AR/VR, AI, Machine Learning and Big Data. CREATIVE is uniquely positioned to capitalize on massive opportunities related to Industry 4.0, digital technologies and embedded systems, that will contribute in excess of USD 15 trillion to the global economy during the next decade.

Powered by Innovative DNA
CREATIVE delivers innovative digital engineering and embedded systems technologies and services to support its very diverse client base during the complete
lifecycle of their products and assets right from concept to commissioning. The company is specialized in delivering engineering excellence in the areas of Digital Product Development, Electronics, Embedded Systems, Digital Manufacturing Engineering for Automotive & Industrial sectors and Digital Plant/ Process Engineering for Chemical & Energy sectors. The company's services include Digital Product Design, Embedded Systems, and Engineering Software.

Transformative Client Experience
CREATIVE exceeds client expectations with its proven track record in multishore execution by leveraging its HighValue Engineering Centers(HVEC)in India. CREATIVE's multishore solutions for its clients in the US, Europe and Japan, typically result in 50-70 percent cost savings and 40-60 percent time savings. The firm's HVEC centers feature state-of-the-art multimillion dollar hardware and software assets focused on the design & validation of Connected Cars, Electronic Control Units ADAS, Telematics & Onboard Diagnostics, Avionics, and digitally simulating realtime operation of Smart Plants in Oil & Gas, Chemical and Power sectors.

CREATIVE's cutting-edge solutions enable clients to perform virtual validation and optimization of manufacturing systems prior to the actual production

By partnering with CREATIVE, businesses are able to focus on strategy, customer engagement and program management. Mean while, CREATIVE's engineers do all the heavy lifting on such businesses' complex technology & engineering problems in a rapidly changing and innovative technology landscape. Such a partnership has been a high level division of labor and has been a truly transformative boon for a large number of CREATIVE's clients. CREATIVE's indepth experience in serving multishore highend engineering services translates into a differentiated value proposition for its clients. CREATIVE's technical know how, coupled with dedicated customer relationships, relentlessly drive the successful execution of each project with regards to deliver ables, time lines and budget.

CREATIVE's cutting edge solutions enable clients to perform virtual validation and optimization of manufacturing systems prior to the actualproduction, thereby helping them reduce costs, field failures, product realization cycle time, and improve productivity. CREATIVE has been consistently rated above 4.7/5 by over 95 percent of its customers. More over, CREATIVE's delivery teams have routinely been rated at the top in competitive benchmark studies undertaken by customers. The company is proud to be a partner for several bluechip companies including General Motors, Nissan, Komatsu Fiat Group, Mitsubishi, Yara, Mercedes, Kobelco, Volkswagen, JGC, ABB, Hitachi, Magna, Kubota, Terex, Carl Zeiss and ThyssenKrupp.

Nurturing an Innovative ‘Can Do’ Culture
The Founder & CEO of Creative Synergies Group, Dr. Mukesh V Gandhi, who is also a former professor and leading researcher at Michigan State University, U.S. says, "CREATIVE's global network of dedicated professionals with unrivalled technical knowledge and a drive for outstanding delivery is continually focused on helping customers exceed their performance targets. Our endless curiosity and hunger for new ideas to help our customers solve business challenges has resulted in a culture of innovation, continuous improvement and best practices that are permeated throughout CREATIVE's global operations." Driven by the passionate and charismatic leadership of serial entrepreneur Dr. Gandhi, CREATIVE's consistent successful outcomes have resulted in expanding relationships with very loyal customers in the Automotive, Transportation Electronics, Industrial and Energy/Oil & Gas verticals and a steady acquisition of marquee clients.

CREATIVE's amazing success and unparalleled growth accrue from its leading edge digital technologies, significant understanding of global requirements and proven track record in delivering results across the globe. While spearheading digital engineering innovation with NextGen technologies at this pace, CREATIVE is confident to expand its global work force to 3,000 engineers in the next 3 years.