Cutting Edge Design Studio: Carving Awe-Inspiring Living Spaces with Creativity & Passion

Phanidhar Paturi, Director,Jhansi Paturi, Principal Designer

Phanidhar Paturi, Director

Jhansi Paturi, Principal Designer

iSprout Business Centre in Kondapur village of Hyderabad was recently in news (WOW Hyderabad, and The Hindu) for designing an alluring interior, with positive vibes and narrating a unique story. Mounted on a grey canvas, its lounge unveiled with a cycle in a corner and a wall quote saying ‘Believe in yourself’. Adding charm to space were pendant lights, a calling booth, quotes of Ratan Tata, Steve Jobs, and Rabindranath Tagore on glass doors, and a lawn-like arrangement in the balcony, in a whole - glorifying the workspace. Big thanks to Cutting Edge Design Studio who with intense hard-work, planning, and design reasoning concocted a dreamy workplace.

Turning a normal workplace into the most happening space was one of the many feats that the company has accomplished. Incepted in 2012 by Phanidhar Paturi(Director & Senior
Designer) and Jhansi Paturi (Principle Designer), the Hyderabad-based Cutting Edge Design Studio is an interior designing company with a passion to create living spaces which are fully functional as well as aesthetically appealing. Brought up on the films of Mani Ratnam & Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the dynamic young professionals behind Cutting Edge were nurtured with Art in their heart and the creativity imbibed from the experience is incorporated into their designs.

Bringing Design to Life
Standing out from the herd with its passion for every project and creative solution to every dream, Cutting Edge epitomizes integrity in its work by understanding the needs, desire, and visions of its clients and bestowing simple & elegant designs. An immense amount of dedication and a huge database with a portfolio filled with a collection of original designs is the company’s trump card to woo its clients, differentiating itself from other designers who lure clients with computer generated designs and fail to execute it. “Bringing the designs to life is a seemingly relentless and Titanic task, calling for a huge amount of time, energy, management skills, and knowledge & expertise in the craft, but with our turnkey tactics, Cutting Edge transforms the mammoth activity to fun-filled experience. We are different in what we do and how we think,” claims Phanidhar.
Setting its footprint in the commercial and residential sector, the firm beautifies villas, apartments, and farmhouses to reflect the personality of its residents and transforms commercial spaces, boutiques, and restaurants to enhance productivity and creativity in workplaces. Cherishing its technical background that helps them remain professionally updated and not just aesthetically, Jhansi avows, “We not only pride ourselves in bringing out the best designs, but also in executing them exactly in the same way with proper finishes and charm”.

Realizing that no two clients are the same, Cutting Edge employs creative reasoning in bridging its perception and clients’ aspirations to form a design that amalgamates the visions of both. Its designers pour their hearts and souls in molding the spaces to perfection with the help of a tenacious team comprising of executive and associate designers, supervisors, project managers, as well as contractors and vendors who aid the company in procuring materials at wholesale price which in turn helps it in giving the best price to its clients. “We travel, read books, and take inspiration from everything including the best project of our competitors,” cites the duo enlightening about its endeavors in bringing the antique-rustic designs it currently incorporates in commercial sector to the residential sector.