De Heus India: Providing Local Feed Solutions based on Global Knowledge

When a company have a legacy of over a century and presence across the globe in over 70 countries, the depth of knowledge it has accumulated over time is immense that acts as a lever to offer the most accurate solution to the needs. Establishing its base in India in 2017, De Heus India also leverages the know-how and expertise of its parent company Royal De Heus – a 1911-founded Netherlands based company providing animal feed solutions. Leveraging its top of the line Dutch livestock technology, the company has moulded itself in line with the Indian farming style and focuses on better fertility & health of livestock, end product quality like milk & egg shell quality and meat recovery, farm support and service infrastructure and market linkages.

“Our global research and development in animal nutrition space and unwavering focus on quality in tandem with the localized business solutions give us an edge over others. We carefully access the need of the farmers and coupled with our global outreach, we provide solutions in localized offerings, which are highly efficient,” asserts Tanveer Malik, Director, De Heus India. Leveraging this, the company has created Kaliber & SFOS system for cattle, which is a combination of feeds specifically designed for different stages of cattle rearing and milk production. Further for the poultry segment, it has designed products for breeder, layer and broiler birds. “Our products for swine, aqua and goat feeds are too developed post deep research,” adds Prashant Kishore Sharma, Director, De Heus India.

Having leased a facility in Rajpura (Patiala) with an installed capacity of 100,000 MT/annum, the state-of-the-art lab is equipped with NIR, LEECO, and other mycotoxin testing facility. Further, elaborate protocol for inbound, in process and outbound quality control are strictly implemented and monitored by its parents
company from Netherlands to assure quality at each stage to its stakeholders. This enables De Heus India to offer even specifically customized feeds/products as per each client’s demand and farm requirement. “It is all about helping the farmers grow their business and make gradual progress. This motivation and our integrated approach to guidance, nutritional products, and business services ensure our clients to get the best advice & results and the highest returns,” explains Prashant.

Tanveer Malik & Prashant Kishore Sharma,Directors

Cutting through the Challenges
Though India is one of the leaders in cattle, poultry and aqua production, the challenge is the lack of knowledge pertaining to products that can further increase the production while also improve the quality of the livestock. Hence De Heus India designs its products keeping in mind the stage of industry and its readiness to adopt. “There still lies a huge gap and a lot needs to be done. The first stage is to prepare the industry through education and their own experience in world-class basic products,” explains the duo. Hence De Heus India has developed a whole range of advanced products and technologies, which will be rolled out in stages as the confidence and experience of its patrons grow.

De Heus India designs its products keeping in mind the stage of industry and its readiness to adopt

Reaping double digital growth in just two years of its operations, De Heus India is also doubling its topline every year, making it one of the fastest growing animal nutrition companies in India. “We see India as a future growth engine, and have a robust investment plan for the country in the pipeline,” concludes the duo.