Dryshield Waterproofing: Developing Innovative Solutions To Help Clients Protect Their Properties From Water Ingress

Sandeep Chaudhry,  Founder & MD

Sandeep Chaudhry

Founder & MD

Increasing concerns to protect buildings and constructions from structural damages due to water infiltration are expected to drive the waterproofing market. The market is intensely propelled by the growth in infrastructural, residential and commercial construction sectors in the last decade. Innovations in waterproofing membranes along with R&D undertakings based on end-user industries, significantly have reduced the production cost of the material.

Playing a vital role in the growth of the market, DryShield Waterproofing is committed towards providing exemplary service to its customers and protecting their properties from water ingress. Today, it has become the industry leader due to consistency in quality and fair pricing; a combination of quality products, specifications and procedures. Dryshield, through extensive market research, development and continuous training on new products, has developed a structured approach to the industry with direct technical and product sourcing from major manufacturers throughout the world.

DryShield Waterproofing is one of India’s most reputable and forward-thinking waterproofing companies. SNP Technologies launched DryShield in 1999 as a brand and was founded by Sandeep Chaudhry. It offers thermal insulation services to keep buildings cool. Waterproofing services are available across every parameter including terraces, balconies, kitchens, wet areas, bathrooms, toilets, parapet walls, water storage tanks, swimming pools, and basements for both preventive and curative treatment. The company has strict quality policies in place
with robust systems & processes and a commitment to continuous improvement. Thus becoming one of the most trusted waterproofing partners to the architects, interior designer, civil contractors and home builders.

The organization begins its journey by constructing a building envelope which encompasses the entire exterior building system of the home, such as windows, doors, roof, floors, foundation, insulation, and other things. It serves to protect the interiors from the vagaries of external elements. The solution is meticulously designed to prevent clients’ buildings from succumbing to water, heat, cold and mold.

The organization does not acquire goods from a single firm; rather, they purchase products from a variety of companies, depending on the needs of the site and practices. Its products are primarily made in India, while some materials are sourced from Germany and Turkey which are the specialized products that aren’t made in India.

We are one of india’s most reputable and forward thinking waterproofing companies. Today, we have become the industry leader due to consistency in quality and fair pricing

The company do not offer waterproofing, or weather proofing solutions in a conventional way, like everyone has.Rather, it customized waterproofing solutions based on the requirements of the place. “We also check the water table, the depth of the water, and the quality of the groundwater, among other things. We try to develop best practices to ensure quality deliver ability at the most reasonable price,” says Sandeep Chaudhry, Founder & MD of the company.

The company has prioritized residential areas, residential houses, independent houses, and boutique hotels, as well as industrial projects. And in the last two years, they have begun doing industrial projects post COVID. The company has been successfully catering to its clients across Bangalore, Rajasthan, Delhi NCR and Chandigarh. The organization also began training and coaching people to create their own enterprises with its association.