Dyna Filters: A One - Stop - Shop with over 35 years Experience in Offering Comprehensive Clean Room Solutions

 Abhijit Yemul,  Managing Director

Abhijit Yemul

Managing Director

Gone are the days when companies viewed and used clean rooms just as a compliance measure. Businesses now understand that clean rooms help them to improve the quality of their services and products. Although the Indian cleanroom industry is younger when compared to its western counterparts, the growth rate of the sector is impressive. With the focus falling upon carbon footprints and energy efficiencies, the need for an able and well rounded cleanroom service provider is on the rise. Opening their doors in 1982, when the Indian cleanroom industry was still in its infancy period is Dyna Filters. Founded by industry stalwart Vasant Yemul, Dyna Filters was established with the vision to be a world class indoor air quality service provider in the country. When the company started its operations there were only a couple of credible Indian players operating in the sector and space was dominated by foreign players. Owing to their domain expertise and technical know how, Dyna Filters was able to not only survive the competition but also make their mark in the industry.

Since inception, the company was completely dedicated to being a world-class clean room and indoor air quality service provider that can compete with the best in the industry. “We started the company as an indoor air quality service provider and gradually we
have added several other verticals including the cleanroom equipment division in 1999, clean room partitioning systems in 2009 and the cleanroom contract vertical in 2014. We have always made sure that we give the best in class services and solutions to our clients and we also don’t follow the normal market norms. We are a technology provider specializing in Critical and Large cleanroom projects we are able to stay unique in the industry where almost every other company is price driven. When we partner up with our clients we will ensure that they get end-to-end cleanroom services and that is very rare in the Indian market. With all products synergetic to IAQ/Cleanrooms, we stay committed to deliver IAQ without relenting in quality! avers, Abhijit Yemul, Managing Director, Dyna Filters.

Dyna Filters invests heavily in research and Development and this has helped them to always stay ahead of the technology curve

This focused approach and diverse product line combined with their sheer dedication and domain expertise of the employees have helped the company to cater to Tier 1 companies from multiple industries including, pharmaceuticals hospitals automobiles, atomic energy, electronics and data storage companies. Dyna Filters invests heavily in research and development and this has helped them to always stay ahead of the technology curve. Complementing the philosophy to constantly improve themselves in their organizational work culture Dyna Filters has got themselves a winning formula. “The support of our employees has been crucial in our growth and we give them the freedom to make decisions. We let them know that it is ok to make informed decisions and we constantly push our employees to get the best out of them. This trains them for reallife scenarios and this is crucial when it comes to completing the projects on time as per the clients’requirements. We give great importance to the academic aspect of our operations and our team is even given access and encouraged to refer latest papers standards, books and other reference materials to keep abreast with the latest technological advancements and inventions”, says, Abhijit.

Aiming for a brighter future team Dyna is planning to introduce new innovations and improve their existing services to be the complete cleanroom service provider and realize their vision of becoming the epitome of cleanroom services.