Ecosheets: Upscale and Transforms Plastics into Novel Products

Abhishek Mangal,DirectorGreen Marketing, a significant achievement in the tremendous field of marketing, has gotten one of the developing regions and is welcoming a great deal of consideration towards it. It works since people are committed to purchasing products and services that do not harm nature. People tend to care more about the environment today, compared to 50 years prior. EcoSheets have brought a novel technique to reduce plastic scrap menace and utilize it to transform it into a better replacement for products made of wood. Headquartered in Jaipur, EcoSheets is formed with the central idea of upcycling plastics scraps to make it reusable.

EcoSheets are produced using waste plastics and are a replacement for Plywood. Instead of recycling, the company is renowned as first-of-its-kind Eco-friendly Plyboard Manufacturers focusing on upcycling waste to save the environment. Plyboards by the organization are powder-free that ensures security against termites and borers. This makes it an exceptionally Bacteria Resistant Product, which is non-powerless to damage. The first highlight of the product is that it is 100 percent waterproof, sturdy, no fungus, no bacteria, acid-proof, high strength, and chemical resistant. The plyboards are made using plastic scraps acquired from plastic tetra packs and plastic films using refined innovations that make it durable. This helps to maintain and give a perfect stop for everlasting furniture.

The Company Manufactures Roofing Sheets in the Name of Ecoroof, which is again made from plastic waste & the perfect replacement of traditional Asbestos Sheets. Being Acid proof & very sturdy, it is very well accepted in industries handling harmful chemicals.

The organization protects trees from chopping down and utilizes the waste plastic that is being generated. "We are not using a single percent of new plastic and completely depend on squander plastics. Our vision is to make Green cities to Green Country to Green Planet" Abhishek Mangal, Director, EcoSheets. Plastic takes a long time to decompose and later gets deposited on landfills and ocean surface that turns hazardous for plant and animal life living around. We want to create awareness for using Eco-friendly Recycled Products.

Reduces Carbon Footprint in the Environment
"The central idea for creating EcoSheets is how we can upscale materials like plastic which if left unheeded can turn into a menace for the environment." says Abhishek Mangal, Director EcoSheets. Upscaling plastic pieces and materials that can't be deteriorated effectively delivers an approach to building novel products that can be used as an alternative. The organization uses this scrap of plastics and refines it using the latest technologies, transforming them into plyboards, which are purely made of plastic waste. These products are not only strong and durable for a more extended period. Still, they are also available in a
variety of patterns in comparison to it's contemporary, which is ply made of wood. The entire team of EcoSheets picks the used plastics, cleans them, and converts them into ply sheets. As these products are a substitution of Plywood, these sheets can be used where the real plywoods are used, such as in furniture, for container floorings, any marine products, garden furniture, interiors, and steel furniture. EcoSheets go through various quality checking levels and have a separate R & D who keeps on developing new products. The organization is supplying the products to major furniture manufacturers, RCC shuttering industries, construction contractors, and also supplying to the exporters for packaging. The organization recycled more than 500 tons of plastic wastes till date, and by 2025, the organization is expecting to recycle more than 500,000 tons of waste.

To do our part to nature, we have come with the plastic upcycling idea which is procured from the plastic scraps obtained from the industrial wastes, mills and oceans

Abhishek Mangal, Director
The respectful entrepreneur Abhishek Mangal is committed to making the environment better and more conducive for the masses. While many discussions are taking place today on issues of global warming and environmental threats, or the recycling and utilization of exhausting natural resources, Abhishek Mangal's intuitive thinking frames and executes the Upcycle concept. Starting in 2019, Abhishek Mangal, based in Jaipur, began to upcycle plastic films and scraps, turning them into usable forms. While he witnessed the condition of the discarded waste, he also knew and observed the worsening state of plastic dumping in and around the oceans. As a result, concerning the environment and its risks, Abhishek chose to start his business and manufacture ­ eco sheets, recycled plastic boards.

Abhishek strives to protect nature and emphasizes "Think Green" as a comprehensive framework for saving the planet Earth. His concept is to recycle used plastics, such as tetra packs, plastic films and others, into reusable Plywood, which is a good substitute for Plywood. His vision and mission through his enterprise is to create a better and safer environment to safeguard Mother Earth. As natural resources are already extinct, Abhishek Mangal is committed to making a personal and technical commitment to making this world better and greener.

“The entire team of EcoSheets picks the used plastics, cleans them, and converts them into ply sheets”

As an enthusiastic and creative entrepreneur, Abhishek Mangal acknowledges that recycling and recycling plastic waste sources, offering reliable and substantial products with certain safety measures, is an entrepreneurial venture worth focusing on. Abhishek, a much-needed undertaking, is moving forward on his journey of saving the planet without any element of doubt.

Ecosheets In Spotlight
• Ecosheets is the answer to the present world, which is facing the brink of plastic waste that is thrown into oceans and landfills.
• With the main idea of upcycling plastics into the finest products, Ecosheets have embarked on their journey to help nature and fellow human beings.
• Ecosheets are developed with the central idea of recycled plastic scraps to make them reusable.
• EcoSheets is the solution to the present world, which faces the verge of plastic waste that is dumped into the oceans and landfills.
• Ecosheets is one of the most renowned companies offering first-of-its-kind plyboards made from scraps of plastic, such as tetra packs and multilayer plastic films.
• Ecosheets offer high-quality Plyboards that are finely crafted to meet the quality standards set. The company's plyboards are fully waterproof, making them the perfect building material for the furniture.

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