Edge Infinium(Husk 'N Spices): Revolution The Dehydrated Food Market, Globally

Vijay Shukla, Managing Director

Vijay Shukla

Managing Director

Nowadays, fast Indian economic development has changed the trend of food consumption from calories assurance to diet nutrient enrichment. The consumers are well aware of the importance of nutritive elements like vitamins. This scenario has increased the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables. High moisture content in food products like fruits and vegetables leads to high water activity which leads to a quality loss in fruits and vegetables by increasing the enzyme activity and microbial growth. Therefore, reducing moisture content and water activity in fruits is always desirable to maintain quality.

Dehydration is one of the oldest methods of preserving food and dates back centuries. It involves the process of removing moisture from the food and making it smaller in size and lighter. With the evolution of time and the changing lifestyles and choices of the consumer, the dehydration process has also evolved. Today the dehydrated food products industry is driven by the consumer's demand for quality, health and convenience. In India, the thriving food processing industry coupled with the rising demand for functional food items is driving the market. Given this surge in demands, the food industry, more particularly the emerging neutraceutical companies seek to make the best of dehydrated extracts of fruits and vegetables.

"Edge infinium's major clientele comprises of industrial clients including the like of solvent extraction companies and neutra ceutical manufacturers etc"

For more than seven years, Husk 'n' Spices, underEdge Infinium Group of Companies established in 2012 has been a major exporter of all kind of Spices, Spray dried Vegetable & Fruit Powders along with dehydrated vegetable & fruits flakes & powders to cover major markets around the world. While a significant share of Edge Infinium's produce is demanded by industrial clients the firm has played a pivotal role in the global as well as Indian market.

With many years of experience in the dehydration business, Husk Ginger, Garlic, followed by all kind of vegetables & fruit powders and maintains high quality yield and healthy plantations all year round. The Managing Director is personally involved in the selecting process to ensure that only the best is delivered to the world wide clientele.

At Edge Infinium, procurement officers plan right from the seeding till receiving the final crop. Once the raw materials enter the production stage, all international standards are followed including all hygiene processes, like sorting of vegetables, three step washing process, automatic cutting and slicing, machine or sundried process(depending on the requirements of clients). This is followed by all QC standards and lab testing. Finally, cold storages are in place to keep the products neat and clean,ready to be delivered by sales.

Quality Maintained Products Right From Procurement To Delivery
Edge Infinium has six functional areas of business management involving finance, strategy, operations, intelligent manpower, marketing, and equipment. Procurement too becomes an integral part of Infinium's business. Edge Infinium approaches the local farmers for their raw materials. The farmers are paid a partial amount in advance in order to start growing the fruits or vegetables that are in order for Edge Infinium. This local approach also cuts down on the transportation cost tremendously. This represents the strategic expertise of Edge Infinium. "I firmly believe it takes proper planning of procurement of raw material. So we can promise to provide highquality dehydrated products with reasonable pricing, timely delivery, and clean and comfortable
environment. There is a difference between international market and domestic market, where price is a big factor with huge challenge. Mostly, buyers are seeking quality and price, wherein domestic market, price is followed by quality. However, we always provide quality with best price," says Vijay Shukla, Managing Director, Edge Infinium (Husk 'n Spices).

Acing The Cattle Feed Segment
More so, Edge Infinium also has a limb set in the cattle feed industry. In a recent order fulfillment, Edge Infinium produced and delivered 185 metric ton of raddish powder for a animal husbandry client. Such demands are prominent in countries like Netherland,Poland, where in animal husbandry is an eminent part of the economy. The firm believes in a zero wastage policy, where in products or extracts that are rendered undelivered are converted to cattlefeed.

Contributing To The Global Market For Spray Dried Products
Edge Infinium also has expertise in producing a plethora of spray dried food products. Spray dried food products are yet another method of dehydrating and preserving food. Studies reveal that the Indian spray dried food market is projected to grow, witnessing a CAGR of 3.78 percent during the forecast period 2020-2025. The market is driven by the varied applications of spray dried ingredients with their functional benefits in the food industry. The spray dried powders prepared using spray drying technology offer extended shelf life with reduced storage requirement, and lower cost of bulk packing. More so, the rising consumer awareness of health benefits from dietary consumption is another reason for increasing the consumption of spray dried ingredients in the food service industry in India. However, the India spray dried powders prepared using spray drying technology offer extended shelf life with reduced storage requirement, and lower cost of bulk packing. More so, the rising consumer awareness of health benefits from dietary consumption is another reason for increasing the consump tion of spray dried ingredients in the foodservice industry in India. However, the India spray dried food market faces challenges such as high maintenance cost along with the availability of other advanced technologies such as freeze drying and vacuum drying which is restraining the market space.

Edge infinium has six functional areas of business management involving finance, strategy, operations, intelligent manpower, marketing and equipment

Edge Infinium has manoeuvred through these challenges to provide some of the most assorted and wide ranging spray dried food products to the market. The Spray dried segment includes vegetable powder, fruits powder, and herbs powder. Every batch of raw materials are washed and cleaned in three stages before going into the Spray drying chamber, thereby ensuring only quality products. For instance, Husk `N Spices offers a premium range of tomato powder that is made from the finest tomatoes. Tomato Powder is one of the most widely used food ingredients having application in variety of products. Edge Infinium has a fully integrated manufacturing plant through which it handles fresh tomatoes which are processed into Tomato Pulp. Through its inhouse concentration facility, Tomato Pulp is turned into Tomato Paste to later Spray Dry it. From baby foods to seasonings to soup mixes, Edge Infinium's tomato powders cater to the different requirement of an array of food applications.

Understanding the varied business needs, processes and etiquettes involved, Edge Infinium employs well trained and experienced work force in both traditional and latest technical processing methods. This includes marketing knowledge and skill passed down through generations. Only such individuals are employed in preserving the true, pure, dehydration production.

Growing With The Industry ­A Future So Dynamic
Currently, Edge Infinium produces more than 1312 Spices, Spray dried and Dehydrated Vegetable & Fruit powder and flakes & lot more. With its offices in India(Gujarat), Poland and Spain, Edge Infinium exports to countries such as Hungary, Italy, France, Russia, Ukraine, Morocco, Algeria and Netherland.

For the future, Edge Infinium has begun aggressive expansion in terms of reaching out to new markets. More so, Edge Infinium intends to further spread its wings into the cattle feed segment. By 2023, the firm aims to become one of the top 10 names in the dehydrated food and cattle feed market, both domestically and globally. In terms of R&D, Edge Infinium has begun research into reaping the benefits of nutritional fruits, while also focusing on leaf, stem and roots of plants for its beneficial attributes. The future looks highly promising for Edge Infinium(Husk ‘n Spices), while the organization is poised to transform the food industry at large in India. After all, the vision is to be unequivocally known as the White Elephant of Spices in the Land of Spices, i.e. India and at the same time maintain the stronghold of Indian spices across the globe.