Electric Media: Providing Seamless Water Leakage Solutions Without Breaking Across Industries

Mihir Kirti Girish Akolkar,    FounderThe waterproofing market is getting bigger day by day. The repairing industry in India itself is massive because any structure that is above the ground tends to face some sort of a leakage issue down the line. Water leakage is one of the most common issues encountered by homeowners around the globe. It is caused due to various reasons, right from a broken overhead tank to constant heavy rainfall, high temperature, temperature fluctuations and other natural elements. Even if there is a small leakage in a pipe, it can cause water to travel through the entire structure causing a lot of damage in multiple places. Uniquely positioned in this space is Electric Media Research and Development, an Indian R&D firm that specializes in providing scientific solutions to engineering challenges globally. EMRD are experts in waterproofing without breaking and in detection of all kinds of leakage.

As leaders in waterproofing without breaking, EMRD focuses on the key aspect of identification of the source of water leakages. If that identification is missing, water tends to find another least resistivity path and starts leaking from a different source. With 36 years of on-site experience, their methodology is based on the simple fact that no two water leakages are the same. Various factors like water pressure,

moisture content, heavy monsoon conditions, tensile strength of the structure, seismic variation etc can cause water leakages, thus making EMRD’s proprietary methodology customizable and not a one-fix-for-all format.

EMRD’s both long term and short term goals are to join hands with professionals, deliver the best of service, resolve client issues, and provide guarantees

According to Mihir Kirti Girish Akolkar, Founder, ‘We use a variety of methods to address water leakage from EMWLSDP8 methodology, Ultrasound, Thermography, Thermal Imaging, IR Scanning, Infrared Scanning, Heat Signature Analysis to Physical Inspection, Physical Investigation, Infrared Signature Analysis and NDT etc to detect the source of water leakages based on site conditions’. As water leakage solution providers, EMRD uses waterproofing materials, waterproofing chemicals, waterproofing dry powder, waterproofing paints and sealants, waterproofing liquid chemicals to help arrest the problems at the core for any kind of building, be it a highrise building, housing colonies, co operative housing societies or industrial estates.

They also work with Heritage Buildings which mandates a non-destructive process, which also happens to be EMRD’s USP. EMRD works across industries as they have defined their process in methodology in such a manner that hey are able to create a synergistic relationship with individuals, architects, interior designers, structural engineers and many. Right from resolving water leakage issues from wash basin, toilet flush tank, AC drainage pipe, kitchen sink to dry area outlet, bathroom outlet, podium or parking area, terrace, exterior walls EMRD can expertly handle all issues. They also provides an eight years customersatisfaction period during which if leakage is observed where the treatment was done, re-attendance will be offered free of charge.

EMRD is currently expanding across verticals where they are providing consultations during pre-construction, construction and also post-constructions stages of a building. EMRD’s both long term and short term goals are to join hands with professionals, deliver the best of service, resolve client issues and provide guarantees. And they believe that by doing so, success becomes a by product for all agents who are involved in the job, thus delivering a win-win situation for all concerned parties.