Energy Green: Furnishing PSUs with LED Powered Lights

The indisputable shift from conventional bulbs to LEDs is driven by the government initiatives for conserving energy and growing awareness about energy efficient products. Over the years, LEDs have inadvertently aided the process of bringing light to the lives of inhabitants in remote places where electrification has not reached. Bhopal based Energy Green is a firm that provides go green Solar and LED products. With its manufacturing unit located in Vadodara, the company has been working on government projects since its establishment in 2011.

Narendra Thakre was working with the World Bank in 2010, when he was moved by the stark realities of the livelihood predicaments of people caused by the lack of power supply. In 2011, he set up Energy Green and started a full fledged agenda on the Solar and Micro Grid station to bring electricity to the villages of Madhya Pradesh. During the time of its establishment, other players in the lighting market were into the manufacturing and supply of CFLs, metal halide lighting, and sodium vapour lamps. With a strong determination to make a brand name of itself, Energy Green ventures its services across almost all categories of LED lighting such as LED bulb, tube light, street light, and floodlight. In order to make the brand sound, the company acquired government certificates and technical certificates from authorized agencies like BIS and NABL, and supplied the products across the PSUs in India. Aware that the demand for LED streetlights is higher than other LED products across India, the company chose to majorly manufacture streetlights. Unlike other companies that does not undertake maintenance service after the expiry of the warranty, Energy Green devises a separate path of repair and maintenance of such
Narendra Thakre , Founder
products. The company renders its service whenever the need for maintenance arises for other LED brands as well. "We have been catering service and maintenance for more than 30 PSUs. Apart from product manufacturing, we are also into consultancy of projects such as rural electrification. We are a consultant for energy auditing projects and energy consumption projects of dams, highways, and bridge lighting", states Narendra Thakre, Founder, Energy Green.

Energy Green renders service whenever the need for maintenance arises even for other LED brands

In a market flooded with duplicate LEDs that cause health issues, Energy Green works with best quality and higher rated components. Moreover, by equipping high lumen products to reduce the consumption of wattage, the company supplies the latest technologies of dusk to dawn systems for street lights. Energy Green's technicians and associates work in almost every city for LED projects. For bulk and minimal orders, the company also provides additional components along with the LEDs, which are part of the company's service. Energy Green has performed a major project with Madhya Pradesh's Public Water Department for lighting, and has also assisted the Water Resource Department in accommodating a complete lighting and electrification solution for their dam project. Soon the company will move into the automation sector with a special focus for lighting manufactures. Energy Green is looking forward to invest in high mass lighting projects and newer solar based technology products.