Essence Studios: Reviving Technologies on Quality Over Quantity

Every brand wants its story to be heard out loud. Now, it’s also about viewing. Video based marketing has gone a step further with creative and extravagant animated video becoming a trend. Essence Studios caters a well curated combination of graphics and audio visual offerings. Over the millennium, people have gone from using scissors & tape to trim unnecessary footage to the computer based non-linear techniques. The most competent media in catapulting any business is the media involving the use of graphics, audio visual and their permutations. Making the best of this medium, Essence Studios provides videos and explanatory logos, e-book and magazine covers, banners, brochures and animated videos that are tailor made to fit every client’s needs and highlight the client’s business. Essence Studio is a uniquely talented team of twenty plus animators and other professionals carrying experience in their respective fields for more than five years. The organization concentrates on the creating quality, original & innovative videos from the scratch. Requirement of the clients are a major priority for Essence team while ensuring that the videos produced are handcrafted and tailored by the experts. Emotionless videos cannot be appreciated by the clients. In order to provide meaningful and trustworthy videos, the organisation creates heart touching videos. Animation always enhances the idea of building an enlightened video.

Initially, animation was only used in media and entertainment industry. However, today it is used extensively in various departments and fields to draw more attentions towards a certain product or client. It is proven that an animated video is more effective in grabbing the attention of people, than projecting a simple video without animation. Particularly, in the education sector students are likely to be more attentive towards an animated learning video. Essence studios offers various services to the clients such as 2D
Gaurav Kodesia ,Founder
animation, 2D explainer app promos, motion graphics, white board, invitation videos, cinematography, 3D animation, 3D rigging, 3D textual and graphical work. These services are delivered through various technologies such as Adobe animator, Illustrator, Photoshop, Light room, Maya and 3DX max. Affordable prices, multiple revisions, 100 percent customer satisfaction, strong communication with clients, quality work & unique videos; are some of the factors that differentiates Essence in this swarming domain. “The success of any business lies on how good their sales are. Most of our clients have reached out to the firm for this very issue. We facilitate a head start to the client’s marketing endeavour which builds an idea on how to tackle with problem. Again, animated videos are the key to establish a bond between a customer and a brand”, explains Pavnendra Bhadauria, Founder.

Essence Studios caters a well curated combination of graphics and audio visual offerings

The organization has been slowly and steadily venturing into various fields and the innovative quality work has proved the opportunity to catapult the enterprise. Essence got its big break in the field of animation with a project for an institution in Lucknow. The animation video Essence produced for this institution was an instant success on social media. Post that, the organisation had the opportunity to provide its quality animation to other reputed customers as well. Accomplishing goals can lead the business to a major growth. There is clarity shown in the success about the future of Essence. Essence has successfully taken a strong foothold in the field of video production services with happy customers nationwide.