Ethical Paper: Promoting Recycled and Eco-friendly Papers

The malicious effects of pollutions have impelled environmentalists to come up with practises that work in favour of the earth; recycling products has proved to be one of the most impactful methods to ameliorate the condition of the environment. Lacking a strong system which promotes waste paper collection and reprocessing, India cuts an enormous number of tress but also imports papers a huge amount of raw paper to meet the demand. The atrocities have forever inspired people to bring out products and solutions that unfurl the recycle and reuse concept for the world. One of such attempts has brought into being - Ethical Paper, India's largest brand of 100 per cent recycle paper. Its operations and products depict environmental benefits and eco-friendly thinking, recognised for advancing a wide range of paper products ranging from Copier Paper, Note Book, Envelopes, Conference Pad, and many more. From everyton usage of this paper made from post-consumer-waste, Ethical paper saves 17 trees, 50,000 litres of water, and around 3,100 kwh of energy which is enough support a home with power for almost six months.

With the plant at Perundurai, a town near Erode, SPAK Paper, a leading manufacturer of Recycled kraft paper and boards for the past 13 years, has now started manufacturing the unique 100% recycled paper branded " Ethical Paper". "If you look at the conventional method of manufacturing white paper, it entails bulk of natural wood. The process also leads to the contamination of a phenomenally large amount of water. On the contrary, the paper we manufacture by using modern techniques, is extensively beneficial for the environment, as it does not contaminate the water nor does it involve the usage of the virgin wood and the paper fabricated in this means is fondly called as Ethical paper, as it reduces the overall carbon footprints. Our pursuits not only equip people with the best quality materials but instil in them the environmental consciousness which eventually make them socially & environmentally responsible. Hence, making the
end users feels nice and proud about their choices and the way of living," enounces, K.M. Shanmugaperumal, Managing director, Ethical Paper.

K.M. Shanmugaperumal,Managing directors

The authorities of the firm are well aware of the kind of manpower the company needs in order to carry out the different levels of the processes. Contemplating on which they have garrisoned the team and distributed the task of paper collection, proper mixing of various grades of waste paper, and manufacturing practices. The firm has got its R & D team to develop many value added products based on the customers changing exigencies. Ethical Paper has so far advanced its services to some of the big names of the industry such as Facebook, Tally, Big Basket, Carl Zeiss, VM Ware and a number of well-known schools. Throwing light of which he says, "For the last 13 years we have been operating in different vertical including corporates, hotels and educational institutes. We actively participate in the propagation and acceptance of environmental education, voicing for a sustainable future. We also bestow our offerings in a several government, packaging, retail and others domains."

Ethical Paper, India's largest brand of 100 per cent recycled paper

Taking note of the ever changing demand and needs of the clients, Ethical Paper is constantly developing and delivering new and better products, and intents to bring forth about 5 unique products in the next six months. Furthermore, the company is soon to band with more than 50 clients and work on its future ventures once the Covid 19 pandemic diminishes and the market starts opening.