Explayin Media Works: Creating Inspirational Brand Stories through Digital Video Advertising

Nebu Nelson, Founder & CEO,Abhilash Somasundaran, Co-founder & COO

Nebu Nelson, Founder & CEO

Abhilash Somasundaran, Co-founder & COO

Companies have realized that the reconditioning of consumers to embrace and even expect video at every turn can have many advantages. Video has become such a natural part of the web browsing experience that advertisers can use it to quickly engage with their audience as if it was content they had sought out specifically. Well-designed logos and high quality banner ads can be very effective in spurring interest but creating great video content isn’t easy. That’s why leaders of video marketing are helping businesses to make their strategies and point them towards high engagement(and ultimately sales) from their customers.

Explayin Media Works headquartered in Cochin, is an advertising and branding agency specialized in creating memorable ideas for building businesses into strong brands. The passionate team deployed to convert brand and business directives into fascinating explainer video works. The company helps to weave clients’ strategies to an admirable, result oriented expert level finishing and their branding expertise allows specializing & creating the most interactive designs in finger snap time with veteran techs in the lead. Explayin Media Works' clients are Uber UNICEF, McAfee, Flipkart, UberEats, V-Guard, and Chalo.

“We are a bunch of passionate artists and technologists working together to create compelling shareable ideas for brands of all sizes. We discover the most interesting slice of your brand and tell it in the most interesting way. With proven, seasoned professionals, each work is handpicked from scratch and delivered in supreme quality, helping your brand stay ahead in time. We are curious heads and artistic minds, bringing
ideas in the most beautifully crafted manner”,said Nebu Nelson, Founder and CEO, Explayin Media Works.

Various Video Marketing Services
Explayin Media Works is creating inspirational brand stories with the help of their exceptional services comprising explainer videos branding and commercials. In explainer videos, the company is specialized in creating visual phenomena that inspire imagination, and content that will help stand out in creative consumer content. Secondly, branding offers consistency and coherence and gives clients’ brand the best signature personality wherever whenever. And lastly, commercials create originals from scratch and provide the broadest range of styles so as to capture the brand's essence in the most compelling way.

Explayin Media Works has been providing Communication strategy, Video campaigns and Branding solutions to the pioneers in the market like Uber, UberEats, UNICEF, McAfee, Flipkart, V-Guard, and promising startups like Chalo

“Our aim is to create engaging stories. Our approach focuses on the client’s objective and its audience’s interest. Before we start creating a video we research about the target audience and their interest. Following this we conclude how we can link and craft story around the audience's interest and brand's offering. We try not to force fit the service offering to a story”, says Abhilash Somasundaran, Co-founder & COO, Explayin Media Works. Above all this, the company’s flagship offering is communication strategy. Explayin offers strategy to pull off a campaign, whether it's offline or online, print or digital, with a team that consists of creative experts and managers who can craft solution for a brand’s problem easily.

Abhilash Somasundaran, Co-founder & COO

Furthermore, Explayin Media Works is official video production partner of Uber India and helps the cities across Asia in producing marketing tools in the form of inspirational videos. While successfully doing so the company has received Pepper award silver for Uber campaign and also Best design agency by startup connect. In the near future explayin is planning to open marketing office in Middle East and Australia andwill expand its creative and management team to work with global brands creating engaging stories.