Favorite Food Company: Innovative Candies with Innovative Toys to Kindle the Creative Minds

Sunil Gureja,Founder & CEO

Sunil Gureja

Founder & CEO

The new generation kids are more fascinated towards toys; they are fonder of confectionery products that either come in shape of toys or with freebies packed in them. Understanding this, Sunil Gureja (Founder & CEO) established Favorite Food Company in 2011 as a manufacturer & supplier of innovative confectioneries (Magic Boll Candy, Boll Candy, Surprise Egg Candy, Toy Lollipop and Toy Candy). Majority of its products are moulded in the form of attractive toys and contain surprise gift (Do It Yourself unassembled toys that enable consumer kids to think & explore their hidden creativity) as well as promotional kits like stickers, tattoos and finger puppets. “Our products bring a big smile on kids face while opening-up the wrapper on it,” adds Sunil.

Prior to establishing Favorite Food Company, Sunil was working with world’s No.1 confectionery trade fair (ISM Sweet and Snacks Fair, Cologne Germany) and visited many food & confectionery industries’ B2B Trades Fairs globally, where he explored ideas to develop ‘Pocket-Friendly Products’ suitable for Indian consumers,
culture & tradition. He always strives to promote ‘Make in India’, which in turn empowers Favorite Food Company to innovate and introduce many products ‘First Time in Indian Market’ and acquire the title of ‘Innovator of Toy Candy’. Today, the company offers creative FUN for kids along with the delicious candies, lollipop & chocolates beans.

"We are the pioneer in the latest concept of innovative confectionery segment products for the new generation of smart kids in India"

Innovation with Quality
All aforementioned confectionery products are fabricated at company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing unit situated at the heart of Indore (Polo Ground Industrial Estate). This 30,000 sq.ft. the spread facility is equipped with modern & distinct tools such as toy injection & blow mounding, toys decoration, printing, and automatic labeling & bar coding machines that aid in delivering best quality of the confectionaries while meeting end-consumers distinct requirements. Further, enhancing the safety of the products, Favorite Food Company uses 100 percent virgin Plastic Granules to make the toys and has supply of unmatched quality of complimentary toys along with its huge range of candies and lollipops.

Alongside, the firm that aims to render quality products adheres to all required government certifications and regulatory compliances, including food license, FSSAI & ISO certification and ESI, PF and worker’s health & safety departmental parameters.
With aid of strong wholesale distribution network across major Indian cities, Favorite Food Company today exports its innovative products to African, Gulf, Sri-Lankan and Nepal markets. “We are the pioneer in the latest concept of innovative confectionery segment products for the new generation of smart kids in India,” proclaims Sunil.

For the confectionery market, complying with the quality & hygiene standard and controlling the cost & price was difficult. To cope with this challenge, Favorite Food Company appointed a dedicated R&D team who keeps studying the market, raw materials sourcing and cost control techniques. Moreover, the four pillars - Sunil and his three younger brothers Anil, Jay and Naveen Gureja, are not just heading different departments for the smooth functioning of the business, but are also working together to touch the success sky in the candy toy industry.

Having presence in 16+ states countrywide, Favorite Food envisions launching new & unique toys for lollipop and candies in various beautiful & attractive shapes (cars, airplanes, dogs, and others). Meanwhile, the company also aims to enter Rs.100 crore club by next FY. “We have already signed an MOU with a China-based World Leader Candy Toys Company as a Technology Partner to setup our new & upcoming plant in Indore with an investment of Rs.50 crore on 2,00,000 sq.ft. area for confectionery manufacturing and toy development & production machines,” concludes Sunil.