Fosroc Chemicals India: Bringing the Quality of International Level into India

Sai Krishnan, Regional Vice President
Sai Krishnan, Regional Vice President

As the famous catchphrase goes ‘the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten’, it’s the quality that persists. Especially in waterproofing, the quality products enrich the lifespan of erections and make them suitable for habitation. However, it’s imperative to undertake the waterproofing solutions from a reliable & experienced waterproofing company who can offer tangible quality, unlike the fly-by-night suppliers who just roar quality.

To improve & enhance the value of Indian homes with the utilisation of high-grade waterproofing materials, Bangalore-based Fosroc International commenced its service in India in 1981 under the brand Fosroc Chemicals India. Thanks to its quality protocol, Fosroc is recognized as one of the most trusted companies in India for all construction solutions in the areas of concrete admixtures, waterproofing, Industrial flooring, grouts, sealants and adhesives. Sai Krishnan, Regional Vice President, Fosroc Chemicals India, asserts, “We bank on quality and consistency of our products. We don’t compromise on the quality for any commercial reason”.

Blend of Cutting-Edge Manufacturing & Team
Having four state-of-the-art manufacturing plants at Bangalore, Ankleshwar, Kolkota
and Rudrapur aiming to open two more at Neemrana & Vijayawada), and concrete labs in each region, Fosroc delivers a complete mix of design and admixture dosage optimization solution that other companies fail to offer. Sticking to its pledge of quality, it tests raw materials & finished goods through the highest quality standards, before dispatching them to customers. Additionally, possessing a team of highly experienced & competent civil engineers, Fosroc go deep into the problems to find the root cause and offers tailor-made solutions to address the same concerns. This matchless methodology coupled with exquisite applicators & application tools enable its workforce (500+) to handle any critical applications in waterproofing.

"Fosroc is recognized as one of the most trusted companies in India for all construction solutions in the areas of concrete admixtures, waterproofing, Industrial flooring, grouts, sealants and adhesives"

Fosroc offers a complete range of products for waterproofing, right from basement to roof of any building structure. Its flagship products Proofex engage, Polyurea WPE/WH200 & HDPE-P-High density Polyethylene pressure sensitive membranes are the latest in the waterproofing technology. It has the highest quality standards for both raw material testing and finished goods testing before the good is dispatched to customers.

Unlike loose-laid membranes, the product with its fleece-backed surface bonds to the concrete substrate and produces a fully-bonded waterproof system that prevents water tracking between membrane & concrete. It also
offers the latest waterproofing solutions like spray applied Polyurea waterproofing system for basement waterproofing. Moreover, besides offering Polyurea WPE & WH 200 for podium waterproofing and Nitoporrf 600 STD for terrace waterproofing, Fosroc also offers Brush bond & RFX range of products for wet areas waterproofing. All these solutions play a major role in the waterproofing and protection of concrete against chemical attacks, joint-leaks, cracks & corrosion. “Our applicators are our strength. We have highly experience and qualified applicators who hold good application tools with them to handle any critical applications in waterproofing,” asserts Sai.

Beyond Waterproofing
Fosroc also provides solutions for various applications such as Concrete Repairs, Structural Strengthening, Industrial Flooring, Grouts & Anchors, tile adhesives, joint sealants and protective coatings, giving the client comprehensive solutions at all stages of the construction works. Thanks to these sterling solutions, Fosroc is witnessing a whopping growth of 20 percent annually and has been endorsed by many associations that include ICI, ACCE, CCMA, and global accreditations like BBA, WARS and many more.

Apart from supplying world-renowned products, Fosroc also offers complete construction solutions from advice and training to site support. Aiming to take its training vertical to fullest, the company is enhancing its Fosroc Training Academy to train and facilitate the unskilled & young engineers in fostering their entrepreneurship and is also expanding its footprints in Bangladesh under the JV entity with Berger Bangla.