Gilco Global: Offering Elevators with the Latest Technology and Innovative Designs

China is the world's largest elevator market with sales of 400,000 units per annum, while India is the second largest market in the world today. Though, the gap between the two countries is staggering, where India's elevator escalator sale is just about 50,000 units. That gap shows the potential the Indian market has. Three factors are pushing the elevator market in India: rising property prices, urbanization and an aging population. Globally, the market is expected to grow at a steady pace due to the rising demand from emerging countries, especially India and China. Maintaining the balance between supply and demand in the Indian elevator market, GilcoGlobal, an Indian arm of European elevator major Orona Group, has taken over the market in big time.
Aman Moudgil, Director
Taking Stride in Indian Elevator’s Market
GilcoGlobal is currently present in 9 Indian cities Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Mathura and Bhiwadi for over 5 years and is rendering its customers with good quality products and services. Representing Orona in India by Sh. Deepak Moudgil, Managing Director, GilcoGlobal; and ExDirector(Projects), Engineers India Limited, Sh. Deepak brings over 45 years of experience in marketing, project management, procurement, and many other important verticals in the GilcoGlobal team. Mr. Aman Moudgil, Director, GilcoGlobal, says, “For us, every customer has equal attention and importance and we always place comfort and safety at the top of the customer experience priority list. We offer solutions like frameless glass doors and panoramic glass lifts along with a huge range of interior solutions from strained stainless steel(SS), laminated and glazed walls to SS walls. The best part is that a customer can customize the interiors of a cabin according
to their choices.”

Following Orona’s enormous contribution towards the societal and economic development community activities, GilcoGlobal values culture, ethics, respect and maintains outstanding compliance with the client’s expectations. “Following Orona’s marketing strategy; we always spell our clients with capital C. The commitment towards the clients is also enriched by “design for all” approach,” added Aman. He adds, “At GilcoGlobal, we all are inclined towards the progress of technology. So, the customers find a variety of products ranging from standalone elevators (180 kgs(2 PAX) to 5000 kgs(70 PAX)), escalators, and travellator. We also manufacture staircase lifts and platforms that run along the staircase railing. Other solutions like Orona 3G X-10, X-15, and X-16 have achieved Class AAA energy certification under the VDI 4707 guideline among all five established categories.”

Zero Energy Concepts
Orona is the first company in this sector which is ISO 14006 certified in Ecodesign and from an environmental point of view, Orona promotes the generation of zero energy building concepts, which lead to more rational urban models through more efficient use of land. They believe in the sustainable development of ecocities, where the concepts of four R Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover to minimize any environmental damage. The research and development team at Orona has already developed and is optimizing the zero energy elevators, the technology of which is based on energy efficiency and accessibility. These elevators are safer, more intelligent and user friendly and are interconnected with the outside world. By incorporating “environmental intelligence”in lift systems, Orona orients development to the user that eliminate barriers related to fear that some people have with these transport systems.

“We are a technically competent brand representing ourcommitment to sustainability with a comprehensive and strategic focus, aligned with our concept of commitment to the future. It is also an integral part of Orona's values and business planning. We started the company in January 2014 and noticed a high quality growth. I expect GilcoGlobal to grow much bigger as the population gets older and more prosperous, even some body with a two floor bungalow is likely to install an elevator,” concludes Aman.