Go Nuts!!: Munch Right with Varieties of Nuts

Ashish Agrawal,  OwnerDry fruits and nuts have always been a part of Indian tradition. Loaded with benefits akin to increasing memory, keeping heart healthy and many more, this tradition has been passed on for generations. But our busy schedule, changing lifestyle,and food consumption patterns almost broke this tradition and we forgot to munch anything healthy. Rather the fried and baked food items replaced our healthy snacking options, making us more prone to diseases. But Go Nuts !!has been working since 2007 to bring this tradition back in to our lives through its array of nuts-loaded snacks.

Go Nuts!!is the munchies brand of Gold Tree Nuts, and under the leadership of Ashish Agarwal, the company has transformed into being one of the most sort after healthy snacks brands for not just corporates but hospitality industry too due to its authentic collection of mini bar nuts that enhances guests experience to the zenith. Unlike others who focus on unprocessed categories, Go Nuts!!focus is on the health mixes providing high nutrition and flavoured nuts. Its beautiful packaging point(from premium glass bottles in four shapes to cans and pouches) and range of products with customization options make it one of the most loved gifting solution providers as well.

The Snack Time Partner
With increasing cases of lifestyle diseases on rise, increasing income and easy access to
healthrelated info on the web, today’s youngsters are moving towards healthy snacking. Banking on this growing opportunity, Go Nuts!!have brought a range of quality nut based products that reflects its philosophy of ‘Munch Right’. From almonds, cashew, pistachios, gourmet nuts, mixed nuts to flavoured nuts, Go Nuts!!provides a range of products including flavoured nuts, health mixes and low calorie snacks. The company has also developed special mixes in consultation with nutritionists and based on the changing habits of urban consumers.

Go Nuts!!focus is on the health mixes providing high nutrition and flavoured nuts

Go Nuts!! 4 O’Clock Nut Munch is one such product. “We generally struggle to eat healthy at our snack times. But due to limited options, we tend to munch on the junk food like samosa, wafers and others. But our 4 O’Clock Nut Munch is the right product to be consumed in between your lunch and dinner. Encompassing the right amount of fats and proteins, it helps avoid eating any junk till dinner,” explains Ashish.

It is advised to have our dinner by 8 PM for a healthy living. But what about the Night Owls? For them, Go Nuts!!brings Night Munch, a mix of nuts and seeds high in fiber and suitable to be consumed at night for easy digestion. “Nuts are inherently healthy providing high percentage of nutrients /proteins on a per calorie basis. In addition, we incorporate seeds(high in proteins)in some of healthy mixes,” avers Ashish.

The Growth Strategy
With the most diverse range of packaging options to suit every segment and price, Go Nuts!! products are handpicked and packed with utmost care in hygienic environment. “Our customers are our biggest critics and we are very flexible to develop products that they need. We keep our ears to the ground and most products we have developed have been because our customers have demanded it,” says Ashish. To further seal the trust of its consumers, the company is in the process of getting ISO certification.

Go Nuts!!was mostly focused on institutional sales with hospitality, corporate gifting and weddings customers. Having established its product quality in these sectors and creating brand awareness through these channels, Go Nuts!! has now diversified its marketing strategy to set its foot in the retail spaces to reach to individual consumers directly, with focus on health mixes and delectable flavours for almonds and cashews.