Goodwyn Tea: Unveiling the Art of Authentic Tea Experience

Rohan Sirohia, Founder & CEO  , Rahul Sirohia, Co-Founder
Rohan Sirohia, Founder & CEO
Rahul Sirohia, Co-Founder

Dipping the aromatic bundle down the milky ocean, stirring the brew mildly with absolute delight and finally hugging the cup to sip-in that incredible morning fix perfectly defines the stimulating tea experience of every tea lover across the world. Right from being an emcee in informal tweet-ups to kindling happiness during office hours and resting royally on prime minister’s table during ever-famous 'Chai pe Charcha', tea as an aromatic, rich beverage has voyaged over centuries beholding historic significance that spans across multiple cultures. Unboxing this perennial legacy with the art of perfect tea making, Goodwyn Tea brings forth assorted reservoir of world’s finest tea right from Assam’s sprawling plantations.

The brainchild of Rohan Sirohia (Founder & CEO) & Rahul Sirohia (Co-Founder), Goodwyn is one of the few producer-backed tea brands with well-yielded tea estates and profound knowledge of making quality teas. Owing acres of tea estates with over 6,500 farmers employed happily, the young duo bridges the journey of quality tea leaves from farm to refreshing cup of tea. Today, Goodwyn with its strong roots has evolved as an integral part of the tea industry globally. “We are a great combination of 40 years of knowledge and third generation entrepreneurs who understand the
need of young-age consumers,” avers Rohan.

Brewing Evergreen Chai Chuskis
Presenting a unique range of products with over 50 types of natural blends, Goodwyn offers authentic Single Origin High Grown Assam Tea that is 100 percent pure single origin blend extracted from one of the best quality tea estates in the world. Since tea as a whole holds high shelf life, in-house connoisseurs never stop experimenting and develop flavours that amaze taste buds. Unlike other players sourcing products from producers and blending them with different gardens in a span of two-three months, Goodwyn outshines the spectrum with its quality packaging, a process carried-out in its packing facility within 72 hours of production. Certified by Trustea, HACCP & ISO 2200, the brand follows all FSSAI regulations and utilizes right ingredients, metal detectors, hygiene & safety measures and lab approvals for safe and quality-oriented tea production.

"We are a great combination of 40 years of knowledge and third generation entrepreneurs who understand the need of young-age consumers"

The Gift of Tea
Witnessing changing market dynamics and growing shift towards online channels, Goodwyn pioneered first-of-its-kind tea gifting bracket back in 2011. While multiple industry players enveloped the idea actively, consumers also embraced the category with open hands and widely accepted tea as a gifting product, hence catalyzing a strong change in the perception of tea in India.
At Goodwyn, creative intelligence and quality working goes hand in hand. Rahul asserts, “Our tea estates have some of the best experience minds working to make the best quality tea. There are people with over 60 years of experience which has no match in the industry”. Considering Assam’s high population with masses always on the lookout for employment, Goodwyn exceptionally maintains right balance between manual, semi-automatic & automatic machines to ensure employment for all. Leveraging the opportunity further, it has established hospitals, schools, playgrounds and other facilities in the vicinity.

Rohan Sirohia, Founder & CEO

Implementing a hybrid model, Goodwyn introduces first-of-its-kind tea tasting experience stores in several locations including Mumbai, Guwahati and Imphal, to name a few, to accelerate tea merchandising among masses. Topping that is its expansive presence in over 250 hotels inclusive of global chains such as Hyatt, Novotel, Four Seasons and many more. Although being a bootstrapped brand, Goodwyn scales whopping growth with positive EBITA every year. The promoters of fresh tea consumption, Rohan & Rahul believes in blending process for good health with tea and hence are determined for brewing new experiences infused with creative tea bags.