Grill Masters: Offering an Authentic Flavor of the Fast-Food Menu to Foodaholic

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee, as it happened with Sahil Manchanda, Vinod Deswal, and Adil Hassan, who came from different backgrounds but shared a similar passion. In early 2015, the trio realized that they weren't satisfied with just following a job profile in the education sector and decided that they had enough of being cogs in the wheels of large organizations.

A spark of interest in the Indian food industry led them to research, and to their surprise, they found that the nascent industry is sandwiched between skilled labor resources and food wastage issues. Thus, to carve a niche business with their out-of-the-box thinking and zest to make it big, they followed their dreams and became entrepreneurs with their dream venture ­ Grill Masters.

Grill Masters is one of the fastest-growing fast-food chains in India. The company started its first outlet in August 2015 in Yamunanagar (Haryana). It originally came up with a premier quick-service restaurant and later also started its dine-in cafes. After testing its products in the market, Grill Masters developed a franchise model and sold its first franchise in March 2016. The company offers one of the fastest-growing franchise opportunities for the 21st century. Its franchise model is simple to apply at different locations and gives people the opportunities to work and earn with it.

Grill Masters has a complete fast-food restaurant concept, tailored to suit qualified investors and investment groups seeking entry into the exciting restaurant industry. The company provides fresh food items, hearty portions, good service, fair prices, and a multi-choice menu, and all these add up to good value for money for customers and generate brand loyalty.

"To solve the challenges of labor resources and food wastage, we started to develop
talent by hiring freshers and training them as per the industry requirements. We also took care of the food wastage and came up with a menu where the wastage was less than two percent of sales. Today, the total food wastage at the Grill Masters restaurant chain stands at a maximum of 0.5 percent," proudly pro-claims Sahil Manchanda, Director of Marketing & Research, Grill Masters.

Vinod Deswal,Director

Business Success Stories
Grill Masters has chalked up a glorious run of successes in the domestic market, and that's why many of its clients have multiple outlets with it. Within a short span of five years, the company has opened and consulted more than 40+ food restaurants across many states and continues to do so. Currently, Grill Masters has its presence across five states ­ Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. The company was born with a vision to employ 100 people and did achieve it within 3-4 years of its operations. Now, it is trying to hire 1000 people. "The value we provide is not just about the taste, we focus on health as well.

To solve the challenges of labor resources and food wastage, we started to develop talent by hiring freshers and training them as per the industry requirements

We buy all our ingredients from national or multinational companies. For our customers, we serve tasty meals and snacks quickly while maintaining the highest quality of service and presentation. For our franchisees, we believe in strengthening them to the maximum and we are one of the very few companies in the food industry that has an upper limit on franchise royalty" adds Sahil. Grill Masters expects to hit 80 locations in the next two years, following its recent success.