Grillland : Streamlining End-to-End Food Franchise Solutions to Food Businesses

G. Harivelan,Managing Director

G. Harivelan

Managing Director

Franchising is an exciting business initiative in India today and finding out the right franchising business to invest on is a critical decision to take. However, food franchise businesses are trending and in boom nowadays. A sound competition is witnessed in the industry at present with a good number of franchise owners offering the most profitable offerings to various players in the domain.

Grillland is one such food franchising business that proposes the most suitable food business models to budding and passionate entrepreneurs in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Entrepreneurs who are keen to start their food businesses and want a sound franchise model, then Grillland surely is the right choice to make.

Grillland offers affordable franchise models that suit the business needs of its clients including several equipment and programs that are important for one to start a business. These include free issue items like BBQ smoker, shawarma machine, grill machine, mini-brand LED signage board, T-shirts, essential kitchen utensils, and initial ingredients.
Among its offerings in-store design and development assistance, equipment ordering guidance, training program, operational systems (billing and accounting), representative on-site during the opening, periodic evaluations and ongoing support, informative publications on new dishes released by Grillland, and marketing support are a few to mention.

Aspiring to enhance its services in various aspects, the company doesn’t want to halt at any point but to carry a strong business with its sound development team. They work night and day putting all effort to improve the various departments like the quality of food, kitchen renovation, food recipe innovation, delivery management, identifying the right business location, hiring the skilled human resources as well as billing the accounting system and marketing.

Grillland offers affordable franchise models that suit the business needs of its clients including several equipment and programs that are important for one to start a business

Founded in the year 2018, the organization is having 75+ live outlets and 50+ upcoming outlets in 6 states. The bunch of kitchen experts working in the organization keep explores and prepares delicious Grilland BBQ recipes. Grillland outlets are the perfect place for food lovers who can dine and relish the range of matchless grills, shawarmas, and beverages at an affordable price. The menu was originally decided from the inspiration taken from the traditional American barbeque and Mexican shawarmas but the menus are then re-crafted with Indian spices and herbs. The menu has an equal proportion of vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters with more than thirty delightful food dishes for food lovers.

Known for its extraordinary culinary skills and visionary thoughts, Grillland has always aimed to innovate new dishes with more nutritional values. Also offering end-to-end setup and training with low investment, extensive marketing, and advertising, the company helps new entrepreneurs to start their food business and earn profit following a sound business theory. In the long term, Grillland also wants to extend its services across India along with aligning more manpower in its service domain.