GSE Renewables: Providing End-to-end Deployment Strategy in Renewable Energy

Sahil Kejriwal,Founder & MD

Sahil Kejriwal

Founder & MD

Efforts to utilize green energy and limited dependency on traditional energy sources have imparted a major influence on people and entrepreneurs to invest in renewable energy sector. In an era where sustainable investments have gained momentum in welcoming investments that boosts industries that actively make a difference, GSE Renewables has emerged as a developmental investment bank that provides turnkey solutions in the renewable energy sector. The company, established in the year 2015, in Mumbai, Maharashtra helps organizations and investors to analyze the best solution possible for them and create a good portfolio in renewable energy.

Funding being the important factor that drives the increase in solar adoption, GSE Renewables assists investors with project selection, financing, due diligence, and overall project management through innovative solutions like OPEX and EMI concept loans, and long-term high-quality maintenance. Having a vast network within the industry and group expertise in legal, financial, commercial, technical due diligence and
management, helps the company in maintaining projects on a timely basis with overall wealth creation. The company possesses an advisory division that checks the overall power consumption of consumer and allocates an appropriate solution through wind and solar plants. By providing an open access consultancy and development arm, GSE Renewables helps the consumer to tie-up with the right generators for wind and solar. GSE also provides for both farm as well as rooftop concepts. The company specializes in investment banking for smaller solar plants to help investors of existing plants exit their investments. GSE Renewables exercise funding solutions available ranging from term loans to OPEX or EMI concepts across organizations of all sizes. By providing third party asset management, the company helps to ensure the longevity of the plant and ensure good returns on investments for both consumers and investors of solar plant. "We help investors to invest in high quality and high pedigree off-taker solar plant, and help plant power consumers to appropriately develop good projects. Our services could help them in power cost reduction", explains Sahil Kejriwal, Director, GSE Renewables.

By providing farms in open access, GSE Renewables helps the consumer to tie-up with the right generators for wind and solar

The industry has matured now, with consumers well aware of the benefits of renewable energy and the risks associated with it. Likewise, the investors in renewable energy are also aware of the product's benefits and limitations. This has led to a massive growth in the industry which has been seen in the last one year. But this has also caused a lot of consolidation with unorganized or small players getting wiped out. GSE Renewables has assisted many organizations in deploying projects using its own equity and debt, and innovative debt solutions. The company has already started creating Solar Farm across the country with a focus on Maharashtra. GSE Renewables is about to launch a STP and ETP solutions in water purification in distributed format in a captive structure inside the factory. At present the company has projected a year-on-year growth between 100 - 200 percent. Other branches of GSE Renewables are situated in Jaipur and Delhi.