Hanglaatherium: A Renowned Biryani Joint Revolutionizing Food Experience in Kolkata

 Sunando Banerjee,   Co-FounderWhile India has traditionally been a food loving culture, with each area having its own distinct cuisine, Indians have never been large diners. But all of that is about to change. The restaurant business in India has been rapidly expanding over the last decade or so, and this trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. This is supported by the expanding number of restaurant franchises around the country that are bringing traditional meals to consumers’ tables. However, developing an experience and keeping the food whole some and authentic are critical aspects that will drive these franchises ahead in the future.

This is where Hanglaatherium has become synonymous with all of Kolkata’s biryani enthusiasts, for whom biryani is like a religion. Today, Hanglaatherium is one of Kolkata’s most prominent Biryani restaurants. The company believes that the first and foremost important need for becoming a franchisee owner is love and enthusiasm for food. Hanglaatherium is well-known in the market for successfully supplying delicious meals made from healthy and natural ingredients at a fair (competitive) price while providing guests with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Hanglaatherium is FSSAI compliant, with all other necessary regulatories in place, to ensure highquality standards are maintained.

We have partnerships with all reputable aggregators to assist food delivery. We also recommend our franchise partners to have a
focussed approach for their own delivery. This significantly boosts the organization’s profit ability. With a culture of driving innovation, the organisation is the pioneer restaurant in Kolkata to introduce Biryani Combos, and dishes like Dilli6, Mutton Hanglaabari, Cheesy Chicken Tandoori, Nargisi Kofta, and Pasanda, to mention a few. The restaurant also serves pure vegetarian delicacies. We have never stopped innovation and now working on Arabic food, which will be an addition to the existing menu. We’re also working on a different version of Kolkata Biryani to appeal to the individuals who aren’t from Kolkata,” says Sunando Banerjee, Co-Founder at Hanglaatherium.

From being the first restaurant to introduce Biryani Combos in Kolkata, we are the pioneer in introducing items like Dilli6, Mutton Hanglaabari, Cheesy Chicken Tandoor, Nargisi Kofta, Chicken Pasanda to name a few

The franchise model works where the individual/business needs to invest in setting up and running an outlet with an area of min 700 sq ft with a min 300 sq ft kitchen. Hanglaatherium has been providing the franchisee with a holistic service deliver ability which includes complete handholding starting from choosing the location, setting up the operation, recipes to make food with love, staff who are trained at Hanglaatherium main kitchen, software to manage the business, SOP for food preparation/ storage/purchase/sales, complete branding and promotion, hand-holding for daily operation for three months, biryani masala(the secret recipes of success), business consultancy, relationship management with online aggregators additional staff support during festivals and for catering, and separate royalty fee for online and offline business.

“We will provide a list of items essential for the kitchen to function properly. From recommending the kitchen equipment purchased from reputed brands, daily check of raw material storage as per FSSAI guidelines, fire fighting cylinders are kept at the premises to personal hygiene of staff is checked regularly, and a random quality check of all food items (at least 3 times in a month)from the HO,” highlights Piyali Banerjee, Co-Founder at Hanglaatherium.

“We are currently in the process of expansion. Quality is more important to us than quantity. More than the number of outlets, we want long term win-win business relationships with a strong franchisee network that will spread Hanglaatherium throughout India. We plan to grow to tier-2 cities in West Bengal and other metro areas through our franchisee network,” concludes Avijit Majumder, Co-Founder at Hanglaatherium.