Hook Catch: Bringing International Quality Seafood to the Indian Market

Shane Gomes,Chairman

Shane Gomes


According to Food and Agriculture Organization report ‘The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2018’, per capita fish consumption in India lies between a range of 5-10 kgs (2013-2015). But due to increasing water pollution, it has become difficult to find healthy sea food void of any contamination, thus impacting the health of the consumers. Seafood is an unorganized sector in India where local vendors maintain very unhygienic standards. Though Indians have developed a strong immune system and the Indian cooking methods at very high temperature kills most of the bacteria present in the seafood, globalization exposes us to the world markets, and the country is slowly adapting higher international standards.

Catching up on this opportunity spot on is JMJ Exports (exporter of fresh and frozen seafood products internationally) that launched Hook Catch in 2018 with an idea to redefine the quality and range of seafood offerings to the Indian market. Inheriting JMJ’s two decades of export experience in international markets that stood on a no comprise on quality and hygiene standards policy, Hook Catch ensures that the same standards are maintained and delivered to its customers in India. The company is EU (European Union), FDA (U.S.), AQSIQ (Mainland China), AQIS (Australia), FSVPS (Russian Federation) and complete HACCP certified and compliant facilities with in-house laboratory help maintain the highest hygiene standards, with all products produced under temperature controlled facilities and conditions right from the point of procurement to delivery and packaged in high quality food grade packaging material.

Variety at the Disposal but without Quality Compromise
Built on the four pillars of quality, service levels, integrity & honesty, and trust, Hook Catch is mainly into sea caught products with exception of Vannammei Shrimps and Soft Shell Crabs, which are farmed products. It specializes in Tuna Saku, Calamari Squid, Sword Fish, Grouper, Snapper, Eel, Reef Fish, Oysters, Mussels, Clams and others and has the widest range of Pasteurised Crab Meat with 12 variants and Soft Shell Crabs in four different sizes.

Working with almost all the prime properties across India in the HoReCa segment and for
Expat community, Hook Catch has positioned itself as an organized vendor in this segment offering consistency in terms of supply, quality and pricing. With offices in Delhi, Cochin and Chennai, and processing facilities at Kanyakumari and Cochin, the company is riding high on innovation. It’s R&D division headed by highly professional and trained inhouse Chefs Senthil Kumar & Senthil Bhupathy have developed value added seafood products

Akshay Ralhan, Assistant VP - North India

such as Tuna Sausages, Seafood Salami, Seafood Bacon, Seafood Ham, Seafood Pepperoni, Seafood Burger Patties, Seafood Nuggets, Seafood Pops, Seafood Meaty Fish Balls and several others products. “We are the first in the country to develop such a wide range of seafood value added products,” asserts Shane Gomes, Chairman, Hook Catch.

We are the first in the country to develop such a wide range of seafood value added products

Being very particular about the source and method of fish catching, Hook Catch highly focuses on fishing boats that are certified as safe and follow sustainable fishing methods & practices. Right after the boats reach shore, the company’s quality and procurement team check the fish and once approved, only then is the product taken into the processing facility for further process, and the cold chain is maintained throughout, from procurement until delivery. Seafood is transported through self owned refrigerated vehicles to the processing units that are completely sterile and under strict temperature control, the products are vacuum packed in food grade plastics and stored at - 25°C.

Arshadh Azmath, Assistant VP Sales& Marketing

Currently in the process to be 'Friend of Sea' and ‘Dolphin Safe’ certified organization (first company in India to do so), this one year old retail venture is growing at a staggering growth of 52 percent per month. It aims to introduce its own barnd of seafood kiosks PAN India within this fiscal year, while foraying into proprietory foods under the brand name ‘Frozen Diets’ with offerings of Seafood Lasagne, Pastas, Spagetti, Pizza Slices, Fish & Chips, and others, making seafood a healthy diet in India.