H&S Supply Chain Services: The One-Stop-Solution for a Seamless Tech-Pro Supply Chain Experience

Selvam VMS,   Co- Founder & CEO

Selvam VMS

Co- Founder & CEO

The liberalization of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)rules, GST and the government’s increased spending for growth has spurred India’s supply chain sector. This movement catapulted the country towards becoming a global manufacturing powerhouse, not to forget the government’s ingenious ‘Make in India’ initiative that compelled a nation wide supply chain system reformation. As promising as it sounds, concurrently, various infrastructural woes cripple the supply chain network swinging between 3 & 4 PL who struggle with faulty last mile connectivity framework, poor inter organizational coordination and incompetency on the part of dealers. Emerging against these impediments with a pioneering approach offering 3.5 PL services, Chennai based H&S Supply Chain Services was incepted in 2015 with a blueprint spread across two broad phases Consultative and Executive. Shouldering responsibilities in partnership rather than as mere vendors, the company assures its clients significant insulation from risks varying between what is laid out in theoretical model and its execution on the ground.

H&S assists clients in building ideal supply chain models optimal for their business needs and

We are not mere consultants who build a model and leave it to the client to execute. We work with the client and shoulder the complete executional responsibility

environment, while also sketching out the cost structure besides seamlessly carrying out execution(warehousing, transportation, inventory management, and others) at predefined prices. By means of these offerings, the company envisions to ‘Reduce Global Carbon Footprint through building Efficient Supply Chains’,also ascertaining to bringing in a radical efficiency into the supply chain practice. Moreover, witnessing clients’expectations move from availability/accuracy framework to a partnership/advice framework, the company gauges the need to rapidly adapt to the changing natures of clients’ business environment without the disruption of standard operations. At the zenith of technology, H&S is one among the very few to work with superior Business Intelligence Tools for the purpose of client facing and internal efficiency building (helped the company scale from 10,000 sq.ft. of operations in 2015 to over five lakh sq.ft. in 2019), as well as India’s first and(probably) only supply chain company to pilot Blockchain and IoT technology in a warehouse setting.

A Futuristic Visionary & Proactive Player
‘Creating Excellence in Connecting Products to People’,banners the motto of H&S who proactively
stays ahead of the curve in handling market dynamics additionally investing in necessary infrastructure and talent to handle the same. Engaging in core R&D and its asset light model, the company follows an exclusive operational paradigm ‘control sans ownership’ and thereby owns zero fleet(barring two small vehicles) with 99.98 percent of its shipments carried over by third party transportation partners. In addition to generic measures like GPS tracking, proprietary tracking tools are further deployed to ensure cargo safety during transportation.

Primarily thriving on its futuristic vision, the company aims to have special vision based operations where the process will be controlled by means of vision based hardware like cameras, in conjunction with Machine Learning algorithms. Housing state of the art warehousing facilities that are secured with 100 percent CCTV coverage, H&S stringently focuses on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure error free and timely handling of client requirements. With warehouses located in prime centres like Chennai,Bangalore, Madurai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Mumbai, Delhi and others, the company aims to further investments in the direction of growth with better returns.

Priding in its mention worthy efforts to bolster its niche in the industry, Selvam VMS, Co-Founder & CEO, states, “We are not mere consultants who build a model and leave it to the client to execute. We work with the client and shoulder the complete executional responsibility”. Indeed the sign of a true business partner who is also investing tremendously in R&D through its subsidiary Discovery IoT to work on several path breaking technologies like IoT, AI and Blockchain.