Impress India Supply Chain Management: Experts in Providing Seamless End-to-End Supply Chain Management Solutions

Satshil Dinanath Havaldar,Director“If supply chain had an arch enemy it would be called ‘Bad Communication’,” stated Thomas. J. Peters(an American writer on business management practices). Rightly pointed out, it also reflects the prime cause of lag in the Indian supply chain scenario where major drawbacks recur as results of poor co-ordination and inefficient management among the various chains of players. Comprehending these lags and sketching out an approach to organize a perfect sequence of services, Mumbai based Impress India Supply Chain Management Pvt. Ltd. launched its complete gamut of services in 2016. This custom house and freight forwarders agent acts as a single window logistics solutions provider for all import and export activities.

Affirming its well armoured facilities, equipment and manpower, the company’s supply chain services aided in the successful management of a $70 billion company(operating through dealers) who faced a failing business after losing its cargo, documentation and a flawfilled shipment process. When sought,
Impress India churned out a different face forthe company, soon boosting its performance leaving a seamless and error less execution of services rescaling the company’s profits and adding onto its list of faithful customers.

Impress India ensures to keep clients constantly informed while maintaining a transparent relation also educating them thoroughly on the length of Procedures/ formalities involved

Holding a crucial expertise in custom clearance, Impress India maintains an excellent domestic and international network that propels its efficiency from sourcing products to distribution, freight forwarding to transportation, sea & air cargo, and warehousing to locations globally, apart from EOU/STP/EHTP/BTP schemes. Moreover, utilizing its exclusive automated top end software systems (ERP, trackers, automated billing and report generation), the company assures clients of its competency in handling client requirements within unsurpassed time limits (three days) as opposed to cumbersome procedures by its peers.

A Seamless Experience Assuring Growth
Custom clearance, air and sea cargo services, road transport services and warehousing, the company caters to all. Housing
every necessity to provide exceptional import/export clearance, Impress India provides top notch air and sea cargo facilitation,not to forget its resourceful warehousing facilitation that ensures protection of goods from loss, pilferage, shortage, theft and damage. These services up the companies niche in the industry, leaving it with a list of clients who deem to benefit from its services since its inception.

The company further ensures to keep clients constantly informed while maintaining a transparent relation also educating them thoroughly on the length of procedures/ formalities involved. Achieving an almost 100 percent efficiency with a meticulous approach to ensure precise and quality based services, Impress India only ascertains an assistance that boosts clients business. The services tag along cost efficiency apart from its vigorous functionality and eye for detail that results in a win win situation for both the client as well as Impress India. “Each customer is equally important to us, whether handling a small parcel shipment or having several hundred containers a month, we serve each one with the same level of professionalism and quality service,” avers Satshil Dinanath Havaldar, Director, Impress India. Further in view of its future roadmap, the company with its current 15-20 percent YOY revenue growth is positive on attaining 20-25 percent growth in the coming years. Citing an exploration of newer grounds, Impress India pursues anchoring in Bangalore, Chennai and other metro cities.