Indotech Marine: Delivering the Finest Seafood Production Around the World

Mushtaq Ahmed,Managing Partner

Mushtaq Ahmed

Managing Partner

‘Seafood’ constitutes as one of the most luscious of all cuisines in the world, with India contributing a major portion of its produce. The global seafood industry faces several challenges today due to the increasing levels of pollutants in the sea. Indotech Marine, an Indian seafood exporter, is emerging above these issues by adopting a stringent system to deliver the finest quality seafood. Located along the coastal lines of the Arabian Sea in Goa, Indotech Marine was established in 2011 with a sole purpose of producing first-rate quality seafood, some of which include Cephalopods, Crustaceans and scombroid fish.

The company vests keen importance on equipping its plant with world-class equipment, machineries and essential accessories to ensure a smooth flow of work and the finest seafood production, the harvest of which is consumed by 106 countries worldwide. In fact, the quality and safety of every product is ascertained before its procurement, processing, packing, storing and
marketing. What matters most to Indotech is the limpidness of the seafood it produces, the satisfaction of its customers and adherence to the highest food safety & quality standards. Consistently providing products that meets costumer requirements, Indotech manufactures and delivers value-added & consumer pack for supermarkets under client’s brand as well. With these as its objectives, the company has escalated to being one of the best seafood exporters in global seafood trade.

Indotech vests keen importance on equipping its plant with world-class equipment, machineries and essential accessories to ensure a smooth flow of work and the finest seafood production

Technology to Reserve Quality
To build a stronger brand image, the company resorts to utilizing the latest techniques of storage and shipping strategies that would provide a distinct quality of products to its customers. The storage units are comprised of palletization systems inclusive of storage racks to guarantee the best methods of storing seafood, which not only sustain its freshness but also undoubtedly compliments its taste. The refrigeration unit consists of an automatic temperature data recorder
which maintains the required temperature at -18o Celsius or less. The cargo is then transported in a refrigerated container that is pre-cooled adequately before loading the goods prior to shipment.

Indotech serves clients on a global scale, with several international certifications from quality management systems like ISO 9001:2015, HACCP and FDA-FSSAI to speak for it. Having acquired an exceptionally skilled team of technicians, Indotech’s management team is bent upon implementing sanitation and hygiene standards in the plant and effectively establishing the HACCP Safety System Standards in the routine operation and are committed to ensure continuous better work environment. Asserting no bargain on freshness and quality of its products, it utilizes organo leptic & microbiological parameters, physically checks the freshness of the fish eye, gill color & others as well as ensures proper icing, GMP & hygienic processing of product as per HACCP.

These meticulous methods have facilitated Indotech to spread its success into launching brands like Indo-Fresh, Goan King and Fisher King all of which supply quality guaranteed products. Holding its current revenue at Rs.96 crore for the financial year of 2017-18, the company aims at reaching Rs.150 crore in 2018-19. Achieving widespread milestones since its inception, Indotech is en route to making far reaching changes in the seafood industry not just within the Indian seafood market but on an international platform as well.